2013-02-05 Gwenole Beauchesne0.4.3. 0.4.3
2013-02-05 Gwenole BeauchesneNEWS: updates.
2013-02-05 Gwenole Beauchesnecodecparsers: update to gst-vaapi-branch commit b8efe57.
2013-02-05 Gwenole Beauchesnempeg2: fix decoding of 4K videos.
2013-02-05 Gwenole Beauchesnelegal: fix year for some copyright notices (2013).
2013-02-05 Gwenole Beauchesnelegal: fix year for some copyright notices (2012).
2013-02-05 Gwenole Beauchesnelegal: add Intel copyright on modified files.
2013-01-28 Gwenole Beauchesnewayland: use a local event queue to avoid lock contention.
2013-01-28 Gwenole Beauchesnewayland: fix thread-safe issues.
2013-01-28 Gwenole Beauchesnewayland: really wait until the pending redraw completed.
2013-01-28 Gwenole Beauchesnewayland: fix frame_redraw callback.
2013-01-28 Gwenole Beauchesnewayland: fix display sharing.
2013-01-25 Zhao Halleyh264: reset got_{sps,pps} when corrupted SPS/PPS header...
2013-01-25 Gwenole Beauchesnevc1: handle CLOSED_ENTRY.
2013-01-25 Wind Yuanvc1: fix decoding of WMV3 videos in AVI format.
2013-01-25 Gwenole Beauchesnevc1: review and report errors accordingly.
2013-01-25 Gwenole Beauchesnevc1: cope with latest codecparser changes.
2013-01-25 Gwenole Beauchesnecodecparsers: update to gst-vaapi-branch commit 35053b8.
2013-01-14 Gwenole Beauchesnecodecparsers: update to gst-vaapi-rebased commit b47983a.
2012-12-18 Gwenole BeauchesneBump version for development.
2012-12-18 Gwenole Beauchesne0.4.2. 0.4.2
2012-12-17 Gwenole BeauchesneNEWS: updates.
2012-12-17 Gwenole Beauchesneimage: fix GstVaapiImage map and unmap.
2012-12-17 Wind Yuanmpeg4: fix decoding at end-of-stream.
2012-12-17 Wind Yuanmpeg4: fix size argument to gst_adapter_flush().
2012-12-17 Gwenole Beauchesnetests: add test for MPEG-4:2 decoding.
2012-12-17 Gwenole Beauchesneh264: initialize VA context before allocating the first...
2012-12-17 Zhao Halleyconfigure: install plugin elements in GST_PLUGIN_PATH...
2012-12-17 Gwenole Beauchesnelibs: only export gst_vaapi_*() symbols.
2012-12-17 Gwenole Beauchesnelibs: fix compatibility with glib 2.28.
2012-12-17 Gwenole Beauchesnelibs: use glib >= 2.32 semantics for mutexes.
2012-12-17 Rob Bradfordvaapidecode: adopt non-deprecrated glib locking primiti...
2012-12-17 Wind Yuanvideobuffer: fix memory leak for surface and image.
2012-11-27 Gwenole BeauchesneBump version for development.
2012-11-27 Gwenole BeauchesneMark release. 0.4.1
2012-11-27 Gwenole Beauchesne0.4.1.
2012-11-19 Gwenole BeauchesneNEWS: updates.
2012-11-19 Rob Bradfordwayland: port to 1.0 version of the protocol.
2012-11-19 Gwenole Beauchesneh264: fix picture size in macroblocks.
2012-11-16 Gwenole Beauchesneh264: start decoding slices after first SPS/PPS activation.
2012-11-16 Gwenole Beauchesneh264: fix VAPictureParameterBufferH264.ReferenceFrames...
2012-11-16 Gwenole Beauchesneh264: fix interlaced stream decoding with MMCO.
2012-11-16 Gwenole Beauchesneh264: add initial support for interlaced streams.
2012-11-16 Gwenole Beauchesneh264: split remove_reference_at() into finer units.
2012-11-16 Gwenole Beauchesnedecoder: fix gst_vaapi_picture_new_field() object type.
2012-11-16 Gwenole Beauchesneh264: add picture structure for reference picture marki...
2012-11-16 Gwenole Beauchesneh264: introduce new frame store structure.
2012-11-16 Gwenole Beauchesneh264: minor clean-ups.
2012-11-16 Gwenole Beauchesneh264: simplify reference picture marking process.
2012-11-16 Gwenole Beauchesneh264: introduce per-field POC in GstVaapiPictureH264.
2012-11-16 Gwenole Beauchesneh264: introduce GST_VAAPI_PICTURE_{SHORT,LONG}_TERM_REF...
2012-11-16 Gwenole Beauchesneh264: introduce GST_VAAPI_PICTURE_FLAG_IDR flag.
2012-11-16 Gwenole Beauchesneh264: fill in GstVaapiPicture structure.
2012-11-16 Gwenole Beauchesneh264: add vaapi_fill_picture() helper.
2012-11-16 Gwenole Beauchesneh264: fix activation order of picture and sequence...
2012-11-16 Gwenole Beauchesneh264: fix detection of picture boundaries.
2012-11-16 Gwenole Beauchesneh264: optimize handling of scaling lists.
2012-11-16 Gwenole Beauchesneh264: simplify code when MMCO is 5.
2012-11-16 Gwenole Beauchesneh264: fix MMCO-based reference picture marking process.
2012-11-16 Gwenole Beauchesneh264: move MMCO handlers out of the loop (cosmetics).
2012-11-16 Gwenole Beauchesneh264: add flag to compile with strict DPB ordering...
2012-11-16 Gwenole Beauchesneh264: drop extra code covered by built-in codecparsers.
2012-11-16 Simon Farnsworthh264: use pixel-aspect-ratio from SPS header.
2012-11-16 Gwenole Beauchesneh264: add decode_nalu() helper function.
2012-11-16 Gwenole Beauchesneh264: fix end-of-stream conditions (flush).
2012-11-16 Gwenole Beauchesnevc1: use framerate information from bitstream parser.
2012-11-16 Simon Farnsworthvc1: use pixel-aspect-ratio from bitstream parser.
2012-11-16 Sreerenj Balachandranmpeg2: fix PAR calculation from commit 132922d.
2012-11-16 Simon Farnsworthmpeg2: use pixel-aspec-ratio information from bitstream...
2012-11-16 Gwenole Beauchesnempeg2: add decode_packet() helper function.
2012-11-16 Gwenole Beauchesnempeg2: fix end-of-stream conditions (flush).
2012-11-16 Gwenole Beauchesnempeg2: fix memory leak of empty packets.
2012-11-16 Gwenole Beauchesnempeg2: fix return value for "no-data" conditions.
2012-11-16 Gwenole Beauchesnedecoder: refine semantics of gst_vaapi_decoder_put_buff...
2012-11-16 Gwenole Beauchesnedecoder: drop unused functions.
2012-11-16 Wind Yuanvaapidecode: flush buffers when receiving EOS.
2012-11-16 Gwenole Beauchesnevaapidecode: fix compiler warnings.
2012-11-16 Gwenole BeauchesneAdd codecparsers submodule.
2012-11-16 Gwenole BeauchesneFix build with the GNU gold linker.
2012-11-16 Gwenole Beauchesne.gitignore: updates.
2012-11-16 Gwenole Beauchesneautogen: fix check for gtkdocize and autoreconf.
2012-11-16 Gwenole Beauchesneconfigure: generate bzip2 tarballs in ustar format...
2012-10-05 Gwenole BeauchesneBump version for development.
2012-10-05 Gwenole Beauchesne0.4.0. 0.4.0
2012-10-05 Gwenole Beauchesnedebian: fix make dist for packaging.
2012-10-05 Gwenole Beauchesnewayland: cosmetics (remove tabs).
2012-10-05 Rob Bradfordwayland: add support for windowed mode.
2012-09-28 Gwenole BeauchesneFix and document build dependencies better.
2012-09-28 Gwenole Beauchesnedebian: fix GStreamer build dependencies.
2012-09-28 Gwenole Beauchesnedebian: fix Wayland build dependencies.
2012-09-28 Gwenole Beauchesnedebian: fix conditional build of packages.
2012-09-27 Gwenole Beauchesneutils: drop unused GLX helpers.
2012-09-27 Gwenole Beauchesneutils: fix build with <GL/glext.h> version >= 85.
2012-09-26 Gwenole Beauchesneconfigure: update VA-API version requirements.
2012-09-21 Gwenole Beauchesneh264: review and report errors accordingly.
2012-09-20 Gwenole Beauchesneh264: exclusively use GstAdapter, drop sub-buffer hack.
2012-09-20 Gwenole BeauchesneREADME: updates.
2012-09-20 Gwenole BeauchesneNEWS: updates.
2012-09-20 Gwenole Beauchesnedebian: fix packaging on recent Ubuntu platforms.
2012-09-17 Gwenole Beauchesnedocs: fix build for make dist.