2014-01-24 Gwenole Beauchesnedebian: fix trailing whitespace in description. 0.5.8
2014-01-23 Gwenole Beauchesnedebian: fix package description.
2014-01-23 Gwenole Beauchesnebuild: fix warnings on 64-bit platforms.
2014-01-23 Gwenole Beauchesnebuild: fix for older versions of VA-API (< 0.34.0).
2014-01-23 Gwenole Beauchesne0.5.8.
2014-01-23 Gwenole BeauchesneREADME: updates.
2014-01-23 Gwenole BeauchesneNEWS: updates.
2014-01-23 Gwenole Beauchesnetests: test-filter: fix "deinterlace" option parse.
2014-01-23 Gwenole Beauchesnelibs: factor out usages of vaGetConfigAttributes().
2014-01-23 Gwenole Beauchesnelibs: re-indent all source code related to VA utilities.
2014-01-23 Gwenole Beauchesnelibs: add missing file (libgstvaapi_priv_check.h).
2014-01-23 Gwenole Beauchesneencoder: notify the encoder of the submitted packed...
2014-01-23 Gwenole Beauchesneencoder: fix and factor out check for supported rate...
2014-01-23 Gwenole Beauchesnecontext: move rate-control mode to encoder specific...
2014-01-23 Gwenole Beauchesnecontext: introduce concept of usage.
2014-01-23 Gwenole Beauchesnecontext: fix get_attribute() value result.
2014-01-23 Gwenole Beauchesnecontext: move overlay composition to separate files.
2014-01-23 Gwenole Beauchesnecontext: clean-ups. Strip down APIs.
2014-01-23 Gwenole Beauchesnecontext: re-indent all GstVaapiContext related source...
2014-01-23 Gwenole Beauchesnelibs: check that private headers remain private.
2014-01-22 Gwenole BeauchesneBump library major version.
2014-01-22 Gwenole Beauchesnelegal: update copyright notice dates.
2014-01-22 Gwenole Beauchesnelegal: add per-file authorship information.
2014-01-22 Gwenole Beauchesnedecoder: fix video codec frame number in standalone...
2014-01-22 Wind Yuandecoder: fix crash on invalid pointer for GST_DEBUG().
2014-01-22 Gwenole Beauchesneencoder: h264: disable NAL HRD parameters for now.
2014-01-22 Gwenole Beauchesneencoder: h264: fix default CPB buffer size.
2014-01-22 Gwenole Beauchesneencoder: h264: fix bitrate encoding for HRD conformance.
2014-01-22 Gwenole Beauchesneencoder: h264: fix level lookup constraints wrt. bitrate.
2014-01-22 Gwenole Beauchesneencoder: h264: submit sequence parameter only once.
2014-01-22 Gwenole Beauchesneencoder: h264: only submit packed headers when required.
2014-01-22 Gwenole Beauchesneencoder: h264: fix ip_period value in sequence parameter.
2014-01-22 Gwenole Beauchesneencoder: h264: fix level when bitrate is automatically...
2014-01-22 Gwenole Beauchesneencoder: h264: clean-ups.
2014-01-22 Gwenole Beauchesneencoder: h264: clean-up bitwriter related utilities.
2014-01-22 Gwenole Beauchesneencoder: h264: completely remove private headers.
2014-01-15 Gwenole Beauchesneencoder: h264: fix PPS header packing with profile...
2014-01-15 Gwenole Beauchesneencoder: h264: always emit VUI parameters for framerate.
2014-01-15 Gwenole Beauchesneencoder: h264: really fix frame cropping rectangle...
2014-01-15 Holger Kaelberervaapisink: set csc render flags from sinkpad caps.
2014-01-15 Gwenole Beauchesnesurface: rework render flags.
2014-01-15 Zhao, Halleyvaapipostproc: add support for colorbalance filters.
2014-01-15 Zhao, Halleyvaapipostproc: fix support for "sharpen" filter.
2014-01-15 Lionel Landwerlinpkgconfig: plugin dir should use PKG version not API...
2014-01-15 Holger Kaelberervaapisink: fix display initialization in GstVideoOverla...
2014-01-15 Sreerenj Balachandranvaapisink: expose the raw video formats in static caps...
2014-01-14 Matthieu Bouronvaapidecode: query downstream caps features like GLText...
2014-01-14 Matthieu Bouronvaapidecode: add system memory caps to template caps.
2014-01-14 Wind Yuanvaapidecode: fix hang on SIGINT.
2014-01-14 Wind Yuanvaapiencode: fix possible hang on SIGINT.
2014-01-14 Gwenole Beauchesnevaapiencode: fix typo in error message.
2014-01-14 Gwenole Beauchesneplugins: add helpers to create video caps with features.
2014-01-14 Matthieu Bouronplugins: don't apply overlay composition in GLTextureUp...
2014-01-14 Gwenole Beauchesneencoder: re-order submission of VA objects.
2014-01-14 Gwenole Beauchesneencoder: clean-up objects.
2014-01-13 Gwenole Beauchesneencoder: h264: fix frame cropping rectangle calculation.
2014-01-13 Gwenole Beauchesneencoder: h264: improve automatic bitrate calculation.
2014-01-13 Gwenole Beauchesneencoder: h264: support "high-compression" tuning option.
2014-01-13 Gwenole Beauchesneencoder: h264: allow target decoder constraints.
2014-01-13 Gwenole Beauchesneencoder: h264: refine size of coded buffer.
2014-01-13 Wind Yuanencoder: h264: expose more coding tools.
2014-01-13 Gwenole Beauchesneencoder: h264: derive profile and level from active...
2014-01-13 Gwenole Beauchesneencoder: h264: fix hardware profile lookup.
2014-01-13 Gwenole Beauchesneencoder: h264: support only the byte-stream format.
2014-01-13 Gwenole Beauchesneencoder: h264: clean-ups.
2014-01-13 Gwenole Beauchesneencoder: mpeg2: fix hardware profile lookup.
2014-01-13 Gwenole Beauchesneencoder: mpeg2: derive profile and level from active...
2014-01-13 Gwenole Beauchesneencoder: mpeg2: clean-ups.
2014-01-13 Gwenole Beauchesneencoder: add tuning options API.
2014-01-13 Gwenole Beauchesneencoder: fix bitrate units to match kbps.
2014-01-13 Gwenole Beauchesneencoder: clean-ups.
2014-01-13 Gwenole Beauchesneencoder: filter out the supported set of rate-control...
2014-01-13 Gwenole Beauchesneencoder: add keyframe period API.
2014-01-13 Gwenole Beauchesneencoder: improve codec reconfiguration.
2014-01-13 Gwenole Beauchesneencoder: fix possible memory leak of coded buffer pools.
2014-01-13 Gwenole Beauchesneencoder: add video codec-state API.
2014-01-13 Gwenole Beauchesnevaapiencode: don't crash on NULL encoder on _finish().
2014-01-13 Gwenole Beauchesnevaapiencode: use more GstVaapiPluginBase facilities.
2014-01-13 Gwenole Beauchesnevaapiencode: fix negotiation process of output caps.
2014-01-13 Gwenole Beauchesnevaapiencode: make GstVaapiEncode an abstract type.
2014-01-13 Gwenole Beauchesnevaapiencode: rename a few member functions.
2014-01-13 Gwenole Beauchesnevaapiencode: update for new properties API.
2014-01-13 Gwenole Beauchesneencoder: add properties API.
2014-01-13 Gwenole Beauchesneencoder: add bitrate API.
2014-01-13 Gwenole Beauchesneencoder: add rate control API.
2014-01-13 Gwenole Beauchesnevaapiencode: fix indentation.
2014-01-13 Gwenole Beauchesneencoder: fix indentation.
2014-01-13 Gwenole Beauchesneutils: add new MPEG-2 helper functions.
2014-01-10 Gwenole Beauchesneutils: h264: don't use fatal asserts.
2014-01-10 Gwenole Beauchesneutils: h264: add helpers for profile and level string...
2014-01-10 Gwenole Beauchesneutils: h264: expose levels in public header.
2014-01-09 Gwenole Beauchesnecodec: add helper macros to maintain object refcount.
2014-01-09 Gwenole Beauchesnecodec: re-indent decoder objects.
2014-01-09 Gwenole Beauchesnecodec: re-indent base codec objects.
2014-01-06 Matthieu Bouronplugins: do not free debug category in finalize method.
2014-01-06 Gwenole Beauchesnetests: simple-decoder: don't use deprecated g_thread_cr...
2014-01-06 Gwenole BeauchesneFix printf()-like formats.
2013-12-21 Gwenole Beauchesneutils: format: drop unused helper functions.
2013-12-21 Gwenole Beauchesneutils: re-indent GstVideoFormat related helpers.
2013-12-21 Gwenole Beauchesnedownload: use GstVideoInfo facilities to build output...