change encoder log output format, support GST log
[vaapi:gstreamer-vaapi.git] /
2011-12-22 Wind Yuanchange encoder log output format, support GST log
2011-12-22 Wind YuanSupport h264encoder on SandyBridge platform(lots libva...
2011-12-22 Wind Yuanextract vaapibaseencoder
2011-12-20 Wind Yuanadd codec_data and change nal to elementary format
2011-12-13 Gwenole Beauchesneconfigure: check for GstVideoOverlayComposition.
2011-12-12 Gwenole BeauchesneBump version for development.
2011-12-09 Gwenole Beauchesne0.3.0. 0.3.0
2011-12-09 Gwenole Beauchesneconfigure: check for GstBaseSink 'query' vfunc.
2011-12-08 Nicolas DufresnePort to GstVideoContext interface.
2011-12-07 Gwenole BeauchesneAdd new GStreamer version check utilities.
2011-12-07 Gwenole Beauchesneconfigure: allow for pre-releases.
2011-12-07 Nicolas DufresneGroup all plugins into the same bundle
2011-12-07 Gwenole BeauchesneBump version for development.
2011-12-07 Gwenole Beauchesnedebian: build against upstream libva packages.
2011-10-19 Gwenole BeauchesneUpdate with my current e-mail address.
2011-07-22 Gwenole BeauchesneBump version for development.
2011-07-21 Gwenole BeauchesneUse pretty build output with automake >= 1.11.
2011-06-14 Gwenole Beauchesne0.2.6. 0.2.6
2010-09-20 gbDrop dependency on libavformat.
2010-09-20 gbBump version for development.
2010-09-20 gbBump version for development.
2010-09-20 gbBuild-Requires: gstreamer0.10 >= 0.10.10 for gst_caps_m...
2010-09-20 gbBump version for development.
2010-09-20 gbBump version for development.
2010-09-20 gbAdd GstXOverlay interface to vaapisink (e.g. for Totem).
2010-09-20 gbBump version for development.
2010-09-20 gbDon't build plugins with SONAME. Make them plain *.so.
2010-09-20 gb0.2.0.
2010-09-20 gbFix comment.
2010-09-20 gbAdd FFmpeg/VAAPI decoder for the new `vaapidecode'...
2010-09-20 gbFix check for VA-API enabled FFmpeg.
2010-04-23 gbAdd initial (multithreaded) decoder based on FFmpeg.
2010-03-30 gbSimplify summary.
2010-03-30 gbBump version for development.
2010-03-30 gbRename -dev package to libgstvaapi-dev. 0.1.2
2010-03-30 gbEnable build without VA/GLX extensions. i.e. fallback...
2010-03-30 gbRename to gst/ as sys/ was too vague.
2010-03-29 gbUse a projection suitable for rotation around the Y...
2010-03-29 gbDon't build vaapisink/gl by default. However, if this...
2010-03-29 gbAdd libgstvaapi-glx-0 package.
2010-03-26 gbFix compile flags.
2010-03-25 gbAdd initial VA/GLX support.
2010-03-25 gbMove __attribute__((visibility("hidden"))) check down.
2010-03-24 gbFactor out use gstreamer-vaapi (PACKAGE name).
2010-03-24 gbImprove versioning summary.
2010-03-24 gbDrop tedious LIBVA_EXTRA_{CFLAGS,LIBS} definitions...
2010-03-24 gbAdd compatibility with the original VA-API 0.29.
2010-03-23 gbGenerate upstream packages through make deb.upstream.
2010-03-23 gbBump version for development.
2010-03-23 gbAdd "destroy" signal.
2010-03-23 gbAdd plugins documentation template.
2010-03-23 gbDrop introspection annotations since they require gtk...
2010-03-23 gbAdd -doc package.
2010-03-22 gbBuild-Requires: gstreamer-plugins-base >= 0.10.16.
2010-03-19 gbDocument public API for libgstvaapi-*.so.*.
2010-03-16 gbMove gstreamer-vaapi package versioning to the top.
2010-03-16 gbBump version for development.
2010-03-16 gbCosmetics (shorten lines). 0.1.0
2010-03-16 gbAdd debian packaging.
2010-03-16 gbAdd AM_PROG_CC_C_O, thus fixing this warning:
2010-03-16 gbAdd pkgconfig files.
2010-03-16 gbSplit X11 support to libgstvaapi-x11-*.so.*
2010-03-16 gbMove tests to top-level tests/ directory.
2010-03-05 gbAdd boilerplate for vaapiconvert and vaapisink elements.
2010-03-05 gbAdd vaapiconvert element hierarchy.
2010-01-25 gbAdd initial VA display abstraction.
2010-01-25 gbAdd tests infrastructure.
2010-01-25 gbClean up VA-API checks.
2010-01-25 gbCheck for __attribute__((visibility("hidden"))).
2010-01-12 gbInitial import of the gstreamer-vaapi hierarchy.