2010-03-10 gbGet VA image & subpicture formats as GstCaps.
2010-03-10 gbAdd helper to convert from GstVaapiImageFormat to GstCaps.
2010-03-09 gbCosmetics (drop unused variables).
2010-03-05 gbAdd boilerplate for vaapiconvert and vaapisink elements.
2010-03-05 gbAdd vaapiconvert element hierarchy.
2010-03-05 gbRename to vaapisink.
2010-03-05 gbShorter code (and more correct).
2010-03-05 gbAdd helper to get GstVaapiDisplay from a surface.
2010-03-05 gbFix subpicture formats list length.
2010-03-04 gbAdd utilities to check whether a VA-API driver supports...
2010-03-04 gbCosmetics (more checks, includes).
2010-03-04 gbReally add VA subpicture abstraction.
2010-03-04 gbAdd VA surface, image, subpicture abstractions. Ported...
2010-01-25 gbAdd initial VA display abstraction.
2010-01-25 gbAdd tests infrastructure.
2010-01-25 gbClean up VA-API checks.
2010-01-25 gbCheck for __attribute__((visibility("hidden"))).
2010-01-12 gbInitial import of the gstreamer-vaapi hierarchy.