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2014-07-28 GreatEmeraldMore todo items master b4
2014-07-19 GreatEmeraldMove of the vehicle and shared packages to their respec...
2014-07-18 GreatEmeraldFix for Sniper zoom + switching weapons and Link Gun...
2014-07-17 GreatEmeraldFurther log fixes
2014-07-17 GreatEmeraldFix for logspam, move some files to UT3Common and UT3Ve...
2014-07-05 GreatEmeraldRemove more vehicle-specific files
2014-04-24 GreatEmeraldMove the remaining vehicle files out of UT3Style
2014-04-22 GreatEmeraldMoved more vehicle-related classes out
2014-04-22 GreatEmeraldMoved some of the vehicle-related classes to UT3Vehicles
2014-04-05 GreatEmeraldInclusion of the weapon milestone announcements, adjust...
2014-03-29 GreatEmeraldFix for sniper zoom cutting off the fire sound
2014-03-29 GreatEmeraldFix for items not getting reset correctly after round end
2014-03-28 GreatEmeraldFix for rockets not having spread on initial fire
2014-03-14 GreatEmeraldFix for sniper tracer when zoomed online
2014-03-13 GreatEmeraldImplementation of the weapon put down sound
2014-03-11 GreatEmeraldChange to the weapon pickup effect so it would spin
9 years ago b4 Beta 4 release
9 years ago master