last changeMon, 8 Jun 2009 17:26:56 +0000 (19:26 +0200)
2009-06-08 Jon Ander PeñalbaMinor changes to the Listener class master
2009-06-08 Jon Ander PeñalbaClean-up: Scene class
2009-06-07 Jon Ander PeñalbaBug fixed: tileRectangle wasn't being freed
2009-06-07 Jon Ander PeñalbaClean-up: Clock class (some unused methods and variable...
2009-06-07 Jon Ander PeñalbaClean-up: Engine and Window classes
2009-06-05 Jon Ander PeñalbaRemoved lots of unnecessary files (some code moved...
2009-06-04 Jon Ander PeñalbaUpdated define with file's name
2009-06-01 Jon Ander PeñalbaFixed bug in the World class
2009-06-01 Jon Ander PeñalbaClean-up: Cure, DarkSlash, LightSlash and Thunder classes
2009-06-01 Jon Ander PeñalbaRemoved unnecessary inlines
2009-06-01 Jon Ander PeñalbaFixed bug in Character's and NonPlayerCharacter's destr...
2009-06-01 Jon Ander PeñalbaClean-up: Fire class
2009-06-01 Jon Ander PeñalbaForgot to update this two files in the previous commit
2009-06-01 Jon Ander PeñalbaTwo files renamed
2009-06-01 Jon Ander PeñalbaIncludes clean-up: entity.hpp
2009-06-01 Jon Ander PeñalbaUpdated .gitignore
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