last changeSun, 24 May 2009 11:33:37 +0000 (13:33 +0200)
2009-05-24 Jon Ander PeñalbaBug when drawing objects fixed master
2009-05-22 Jon Ander PeñalbaAdded a few more boxes to the level
2009-05-22 Jon Ander PeñalbaStore the rotation angle of an image in a double instea...
2009-05-21 Jon Ander PeñalbaAdded method to set an object's position
2009-05-21 Jon Ander PeñalbaActivate smoothing on rotated images
2009-05-21 Jon Ander PeñalbaImplemented the draw function in Level
2009-05-21 Jon Ander PeñalbaImplemented the destructor for the Level class
2009-05-21 Jon Ander PeñalbaImproved how Objects are added to a Level
2009-05-21 Jon Ander PeñalbaUpdated .gitignore file (should have been updated in...
2009-05-21 Jon Ander PeñalbaFinally decided the game's name: Universal Laws
2009-05-20 Jon Ander PeñalbaAdded functions to add/remove objects from a level...
2009-05-20 Jon Ander PeñalbaAdded a box image
2009-05-20 Jon Ander PeñalbaBasic Object class added
2009-05-20 Jon Ander PeñalbaFixed bug when returning the time elapsed between frames
2009-05-20 Jon Ander PeñalbaStart adding physics to the game
2009-05-20 Jon Ander PeñalbaIndicate the time between frames in the GameLoop
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