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2010-10-11 Geza Kovacsfixed typo master
2010-10-11 Geza Kovacsfixed localization issues described at
2010-10-06 Geza Kovacssynced translations from launchpad
2010-10-06 Geza Kovacsadded Ubuntu 10.10 menu entry
2010-09-29 Geza Kovacsfixed bug in locating files included via syslinux and...
2010-09-09 sdownumAdded statvfs.h include
2010-09-06 sdownum Added missing statvfs.h include.
2010-09-06 devilaetherThe bare minimum to get UNetbootin compiling and runnin...
2010-06-23 Geza Kovacsupdated elive mirror list and added stable option
2010-06-20 Geza Kovacsset up base customizations for NimbleX
2010-06-20 Geza Kovacssynced translations from launchpad
2010-06-20 Geza Kovacsadjusted interface to ensure radio buttons and options...
2010-06-20 Geza Kovacsadded NimbleX to download list
2010-06-20 Geza Kovacsfixed SystemRescueCD download URL
2010-06-19 Geza Kovacsdon't show custom options by default, introduced showcu...
2010-06-17 Geza Kovacssynced translations from launchpad
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