last changeThu, 18 Nov 2010 15:41:18 +0000 (10:41 -0500)
2010-11-18 justinremoves the %20 from layers list and other places that... master
2010-11-15 Andrea Antonello Ofinally refering to officially mavenized packages-...
2010-11-15 Andrea Antonello Ofixing to work with new coverage API
2010-11-15 Andrea Antonello Oupgrading to newer spatialite
2010-11-14 Andrea Antonello HMerge
2010-11-14 Andrea Antonello Hchanged jgrasstools maven repo to bitbucket
2010-11-12 Andrea Antonello Omaking the filters in the style editor human readable...
2010-11-12 Andrea Antonello Oaction to set active region on one or multiple maps
2010-11-12 Andrea Antonello Obetter icons for actions adapted from geosilk
2010-11-12 Andrea Antonello OMerge
2010-11-12 jeicharfixed bug that prevented coveragetool tutorial from...
2010-11-12 Andrea Antonello OMerge
2010-11-12 jeicharFix for feature editor extension point so that feature...
2010-11-11 Andrea Antonello Hadding also the osgeo geotools maven repo, since that...
2010-11-11 Andrea Antonello Oproper icons for actions
2010-11-10 Andrea Antonello Odefensive fix for NPE
7 years ago 1.2.0 The udig 1.2.0 release
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7 years ago 1.2.x