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[udig:udig-platform.git] / features /
2010-10-24 Jody GarnettMerge branch 'master' of
2010-10-11 Andrea Antonellowip to solve lonley text symbolizer problem
2010-10-10 Andrea Antonelloadding advanced style feature to the main feature
2010-10-08 Andrea Antonello Ofix on plugin in feature
2010-10-07 Andrea Antonelloadd plugins to features
2010-10-05 Andrea Antonellomerge in from outside
2010-10-05 Andrea Antonello Oadding jgrass plugins to the application feature
2010-10-05 Andrea Antonello Orealigning with the main branch
2010-10-05 Andrea Antonello OFix CRLF
2010-10-01 moovidaMerge git://
2010-10-01 jeicharremoved mapquest since it seems to need a key and there...
2010-10-01 moovidamerge from main repo
2010-10-01 jeicharmade mapquest real plugins
2010-09-30 jeicharadded tobias's wmt to application+
2010-09-21 Jody GarnettMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/3' of git://gitorious...
2010-09-16 Jody GarnettFix CRLF
2010-08-07 Jody GarnettUpdate version for shapefile renderer, set up wms test...
2010-08-03 Jody GarnettRemove duplication from udig_base-feature, improved...
2010-07-12 Jody Garnettno longer in use
2010-07-01 Jody Garnettsupport for local processes defined by geotools extension
2010-06-25 Jody Garnettremove apache stuff
2010-05-24 Jody GarnettRollback p2 and restore InstallWizardAction; also clean...
2010-05-19 Jody Garnettstart removing things we don't use
2010-05-18 Mauricio Pazosremoving fersion from net.refractions.udig_platform
2010-05-16 aantonellofix
2010-05-16 aantonelloadding JGrass extentions
2010-05-14 mauricio.pazosthe site was changed to build the community update...
2010-05-11 jgarnettfeature editor is needful
2010-04-20 Jody Garnettcommon navigator view is your friend
2010-04-20 Jody Garnettfocus on existing 1.2.0.qualifier udig_sdk feature...
2010-04-13 Jody Garnetttry out 1.2.0.qualifier, seems to work quite nicely
2010-04-08 Jody GarnettAdd objectaid diagrams for wiki to the catalog plugin
2010-04-07 jgarnettMove Up and Move Down commands; done as undoable comman...