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[udig:udig-platform.git] / extras /
2010-12-22 moovidafix for windows on push
2010-12-22 unknownfixed for windows
2010-12-21 Andrea Antonello Ostarting to organize translations
2010-09-21 Jody GarnettMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/3' of git://gitorious...
2010-09-16 Jody GarnettFix CRLF
2010-08-15 Jody GarnettAdded Italian
2010-08-15 Jody GarnettMerge all title bands into a single image
2010-08-14 Jody Garnettactual photoshop files
2010-08-14 Jody GarnettRestore origional psd file with layers and fonts and...
2010-07-01 Jody Garnettsupport for local processes defined by geotools extension
2010-05-18 Jody GarnettFix for UDIG-1663
2010-04-14 Jody GarnettUse IFeatureSite
2010-04-13 Jody Garnetttry out 1.2.0.qualifier, seems to work quite nicely
2010-04-07 jgarnettMove Up and Move Down commands; done as undoable comman...