2010-11-11 Andrea Antonello Hadding also the osgeo geotools maven repo, since that...
2010-11-10 Andrea Antonello Odefensive fix for NPE
2010-11-09 Andrea Antonello Ofix proposed by Lukasz Stawicki due to equals never...
2010-11-09 Andrea Antonello Oapplying patches by Frank Gasdorf as of issues UDIG...
2010-11-08 Andrea Antonello Hadded import/export of esrii ascii map directly from...
2010-11-07 Andrea Antonello Hcleanup
2010-11-07 Andrea Antonello Hbetter integration of location operations in the catalo...
2010-11-07 Andrea Antonello Hfix on imageio-ext that were stuck on 1.0.6-1
2010-11-07 Andrea Antonello Hfixed missing export
2010-11-07 Andrea Antonello Hfix plus remove rwanda file
2010-11-07 Andrea Antonello Hadd and remove buttons for geonames files
2010-11-07 Andrea Antonello Hadding geonames
2010-11-07 Andrea Antonello Hadding navigation view
2010-11-07 Andrea Antonello Hmapgraphics dragger working
2010-11-06 Andrea Antonello Hadding raster legend part here
2010-11-06 Andrea Antonello Hchanging to generally ignore .settings folders
2010-11-01 Andrea Antonello Hright size of filter text
2010-11-01 Andrea Antonello Hfixes on ugly error on missing border from themed style
2010-10-31 Andrea Antonello Hadding a filter tab to teh style - to be edited by...
2010-10-30 Andrea Antonello Hfix for sld persistence
2010-10-30 Andrea Antonello Hreadded colortable folder to export - didn't I do this...
2010-10-29 Andrea Antonello Oremove overrides that give compilation problem in export
2010-10-28 Andrea Antonello Omake the distance tool close when the enter key is...
2010-10-28 Andrea Antonello Oadded an enter action to the map's popup menu. That...
2010-10-28 Andrea Antonello ORevert "wip - double click stuff"
2010-10-28 Andrea Antonello ORevert "adding long click to easy the pain of the missi...
2010-10-28 Andrea Antonello Oremoving wrong dependency - test plugin was going to...
2010-10-28 Andrea Antonello Oadding long click to easy the pain of the missing doubl...
2010-10-27 Andrea Antonello Owip - double click stuff
2010-10-27 Andrea Antonello Oproject save as appears also if a map is selected
2010-10-27 Andrea Antonello Oadding project save as also to context popup menu
2010-10-26 Andrea Antonello Oname collision check and resolution when creating tempo...
2010-10-25 Andrea Antonello Omake checks on new project name and path also disable...
2010-10-25 Andrea Antonello Oremoved the unused gt-coverage-api dependency
2010-10-25 Andrea Antonello Oadding enablement to save project as
2010-10-25 Andrea Antonello Oadding *save project as* entry in the file menu, to...
2010-10-25 Andrea Antonello ORevert "removing unused gitignores"
2010-10-24 Andrea Antonello Hfix to be able to refresh the style editor page
2010-10-24 Andrea Antonelloremoving unused gitignores
2010-10-24 Jody GarnettMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:udig/udig-platform
2010-10-24 Jody Garnettadd doc directories to version control as a reference...
2010-10-22 Andrea Antonello Ofix for saving user from himself when trying to apply...
2010-10-22 Andrea Antonello Ofix for color not being kept in style blackboard on...
2010-10-13 jeicharfixed bug reported by Carsten. Sometimes layers would...
2010-10-11 Andrea Antonello Osmall fix for SWT error appearing randomly
2010-10-11 Andrea Antonellowip to solve lonley text symbolizer problem
2010-10-10 Andrea Antonelloadding advanced style feature to the main feature
2010-10-10 Andrea Antonellofixed label displacement widgets
2010-10-10 Andrea Antonellofixed max and min scale part
2010-10-10 Andrea Antonellofixed offset widgets and style
2010-10-08 Andrea Antonello Ocombos now exclude manual values also on lines and...
2010-10-08 Andrea Antonello Ofixes for external graphics - combos now exclude manual...
2010-10-08 Andrea Antonello Oduplicate rules so they do not get modified during...
2010-10-08 Andrea Antonello Ofindbugs docet
2010-10-08 Andrea Antonello Oadding -none- option to fields combos for points
2010-10-08 Andrea Antonello Ofixing package names for style pages choice
2010-10-08 Andrea Antonello Oadding first refactored style advanced plugin
2010-10-08 Andrea Antonello Ofixes on profile tool and csv import wizard
2010-10-08 Andrea Antonello Omake orientation operation BBOX aware
2010-10-08 Andrea Antonello Ofix on plugin in feature
2010-10-07 Andrea Antonelloadd plugins to features
2010-10-07 Andrea Antonelloremoving info tools for rasters that now is in udig...
2010-10-07 Andrea Antonelloteaching the info tool to also know coverage layers
2010-10-07 Andrea Antonelloadding feature on coverage profile
2010-10-07 Andrea Antonelloadding csv import tool, part 2
2010-10-07 Andrea Antonelloadding csv import tool
2010-10-06 Andrea Antonellocoverage export + profile tools working
2010-10-06 Andrea Antonellosmall tweak to get gridcoverages out of the georesource...
2010-10-06 Andrea Antonellobetter graphic
2010-10-06 Andrea Antonellocleanups
2010-10-06 Andrea Antonelloorientation command working
2010-10-06 Andrea AntonelloMerge branch 'adding_small_tools' of gitorious.org...
2010-10-06 Andrea AntonelloMerge gitorious.org:~moovida/udig/moovidas-udig-platform
2010-10-06 Andrea Antonello Oadding operation to plugin
2010-10-06 Jody GarnettUntangle shapefile renderer
2010-10-06 Andrea Antonello Ofixing profile
2010-10-06 Andrea Antonello Oadding few classes from jgrasstools to be used until...
2010-10-06 Andrea Antonello Oadding first refactored version of generic jgrass tools
2010-10-06 Andrea Antonello Oadding the missing swt jfreechart classes, to make...
2010-10-06 Andrea Antonello Oadding missing colortables in build
2010-10-05 Andrea Antonellomerge in from outside
2010-10-05 Andrea Antonello Oadding jgrass plugins to the application feature
2010-10-05 Andrea Antonello Oremoving nested plugin
2010-10-05 Andrea Antonello Orealigning with the main branch
2010-10-05 Andrea Antonello OFix CRLF
2010-10-05 Andrea Antonello Omake grass stayle appear properly for teh right layer
2010-10-05 Andrea Antonello Ograss raster style working properly
2010-10-05 Andrea Antonello Orefactoring for wrong package nameing
2010-10-05 Andrea Antonello Oacive region graphic working properly
2010-10-05 Andrea Antonello Oadded choser for mapsets
2010-10-05 Andrea Antonello Oadding icons and translations
2010-10-05 Andrea Antonello Oadding active region classes
2010-10-05 Andrea Antonello Orenderer working
2010-10-05 Andrea Antonello Ofixes to be reachable from renderer
2010-10-05 Andrea Antonello Oadding renderer
2010-10-05 Andrea Antonello Oadding grass geotools module
2010-10-04 Andrea Antonello Ogetting errors out and refactor to make it work standalone
2010-10-04 Andrea Antonello Oadding first refactored files
2010-10-04 Andrea Antonello Oadding grass raster stuff to config files
2010-10-04 Andrea Antonello Oadding grass rasters jars