adding also the osgeo geotools maven repo, since that contains as only one the update...
[udig:corrupt-do_not_use.git] / plugins / net.refractions.udig.libs / refresh.xml
2010-11-11 Andrea Antonello Hadding also the osgeo geotools maven repo, since that...
2010-11-07 Andrea Antonello Hfix on imageio-ext that were stuck on 1.0.6-1
2010-10-25 Andrea Antonello Oremoved the unused gt-coverage-api dependency
2010-10-24 Jody GarnettMerge branch 'master' of
2010-10-08 Andrea Antonello Ofix on plugin in feature
2010-10-06 Andrea AntonelloMerge branch 'adding_small_tools' of
2010-10-06 Andrea Antonello Oadding the missing swt jfreechart classes, to make...
2010-10-05 Andrea Antonellomerge in from outside
2010-10-05 Andrea Antonello Oadding grass geotools module
2010-10-04 Andrea Antonello Oadding grass rasters jars
2010-08-13 Jody Garnetttracking the movement to new imageio-ext version
2010-08-03 Jody Garnettgo over dependencies; try and get source jars sorted
2010-07-13 Andrea Antonellofixeing some libs in teh refresh for svg.
2010-07-10 Andrea Antonellocleaned up a bit. upgraded google-collections and image...
2010-07-09 Jody Garnettremove imageio-1.1-SNAPSHOT dependnecies; you can have...
2010-07-07 Andrea Antonelloadded gt-svg to have svg symbology enabled
2010-06-25 Jody Garnetthava libs gather up xerces
2010-06-24 Jody GarnettFix up libs for imageio-ext-1.0.6-1; and sort out EMF...
2010-05-11 jgarnettInfo view now displays glyphs from layer, UDIG-1647
2010-04-12 Jody Garnettable to connect to a properties file
2010-04-09 Jody Garnettfeedback from actually trying this on an innocent myles