adding kml import and export
[udig:corrupt-do_not_use.git] / plugins / / plugin.xml
2010-12-09 Andrea Antonello Oadding kml import and export
2010-12-01 Andrea Antonello HMerge
2010-12-01 Andrea Antonello Hadding raster map summary action
2010-11-07 Andrea Antonello Hadd and remove buttons for geonames files
2010-11-07 Andrea Antonello Hadding navigation view
2010-10-24 Jody GarnettMerge branch 'master' of
2010-10-08 Andrea Antonello Ofixes on profile tool and csv import wizard
2010-10-08 Andrea Antonello Ofix on plugin in feature
2010-10-07 Andrea Antonelloadding feature on coverage profile
2010-10-07 Andrea Antonelloadding csv import tool
2010-10-06 Andrea Antonellocoverage export + profile tools working
2010-10-06 Andrea Antonellobetter graphic
2010-10-06 Andrea AntonelloMerge branch 'adding_small_tools' of
2010-10-06 Andrea Antonello Oadding operation to plugin
2010-10-06 Andrea Antonello Oadding first refactored version of generic jgrass tools