2010-09-24 Peter MaydellReally clean up changelog and correct version numbering... ubuntu 0.0_20100921+871d996-0ubuntu1_linaro1
2010-09-21 Peter MaydellClean up changelog and correct version numbering confusion.
2010-09-21 Peter MaydellFinalise debian/changelog for release.
2010-09-21 Peter MaydellUpdate debian/changelog
2010-09-21 Loïc Miniervvfat: fat_chksum(): fix access above array bounds
2010-09-20 Peter MaydellFinalise debian/changelog for release.
2010-09-20 Peter MaydellUpdate debian package version number.
2010-09-20 Peter MaydellUpdate debian changelog.
2010-09-10 Peter Maydellomap_gpmc: map NAND devices into memory correctly.
2010-09-09 Peter MaydellUpdate debian changelog.
2010-09-09 Avi KivityFix ivshmem build on 32-bit hosts
2010-09-09 Peter MaydellIncrease the address where we load the initrd on ARM.
2010-09-09 Peter MaydellUpdate debian/changelog.
2010-09-09 Peter MaydellAdd packaging
2010-09-09 Loïc MinierIgnore writes of perf reg (cp15 with crm == 12)
2010-08-30 Riku Voipiofix building with --enable-skinning on non-arm
2010-08-27 Riku VoipioBeagle XM detection
2010-08-25 Juha Riihimäkifurther fix serial.c fifo clear
2010-08-25 Juha Riihimäkiadd right shift/ctrl/alt key mappings for N900
2010-08-24 Riku Voipioremove stack protection
2010-08-24 Juha Riihimäkimingw32 ffs() fix
2010-08-24 Juha Riihimäkiserial: reset lsr dr/thre upon fcr rfr/xfr
2010-08-24 Juha Riihimäkifix omap_spi rxs flag status update
2010-08-24 Juha Riihimäkiomap_uart updates
2010-08-24 Juha Riihimäkiqdev conversions
2010-08-24 Riku Voipionseries.c omap_gpmc remember reset
2010-08-24 Riku Voipionseries gpio qdev
2010-08-24 Riku Voipioconvert omap gpio to qdev
2010-08-24 Riku Voipiohw/nseries.c rebase fixes
2010-08-24 Riku Voipioadd dsi to makefile
2010-08-24 Riku Voipioseparate dsi module out
2010-08-24 Riku VoipioOMAP: Refactor DSS/DSI
2010-08-24 Riku VoipioNAND/ONENAND qdevification
2010-08-24 Juha Riihimäkiadd resize/unmap support for sysbus
2010-08-24 Riku Voipioomap usb qdev conversion
2010-08-24 Juha Riihimäkiadd generic qdev callback for monitor "change" command
2010-08-24 Riku Voipioi2c qdev conversion
2010-08-24 Juha Riihimäkicocoa updates
2010-08-24 Juha Riihimäkifix compilation warning in vl.c
2010-08-24 Riku Voipiowire skinning to n900
2010-08-24 Riku Voipioomap.h update
2010-08-24 Riku VoipioAdd skinning support
2010-08-24 Riku VoipioAdd OpenGL ES accelerator support
2010-08-24 Riku Voipioadd omap3 files to makefile
2010-08-24 Riku Voipioadd beagleboard definition
2010-08-24 Matt WaddelFixed omap3_hsusb_tll_write() case: fall through bug.
2010-08-24 Riku Voipiohw/omap_usb.c overhaul
2010-08-24 Riku Voipioadd hw/omap3_mmc.c
2010-08-24 Riku Voipioadd hw/omap_dss_drawfn.h
2010-08-24 Riku Voipioadd hw/omap3_boot.c file
2010-08-24 Riku Voipiohw/omap3.c: add omap3 basic support
2010-08-24 Riku Voipiohw/omap_uart.c overhaul
2010-08-24 Riku Voipiohw/omap_tap.c: prepare for omap3
2010-08-24 Riku Voipiohw/omap_synctimer.c overhaul
2010-08-24 Riku Voipiohw/omap_spi.c prepare for omap3
2010-08-24 Riku Voipiohw/omap_sdrc.c overhaul
2010-08-24 Riku Voipiohw/omap_l4.c overhaul
2010-08-24 Riku Voipiohw/omap_intc.c overhaul
2010-08-24 Riku Voipioomap_i2c: add support for underflowing
2010-08-24 Matt WaddelDuring byte wide writes the i2c write routine gets...
2010-08-24 Matt WaddelAdded support for the byte read of the omap i2c system...
2010-08-24 Riku Voipiohw/omap_i2c.c fixes
2010-08-24 Riku Voipiohw/omap_i2c.c overhaul
2010-08-24 Riku Voipiohw/omap_gptimer.c overhaul
2010-08-24 Riku Voipiohw/omap_gpmc.c prepare for omap3
2010-08-24 Riku Voipiohw/omap_gpio.c overhaul
2010-08-24 Riku Voipiohw/omap_dss.c prepare for omap3
2010-08-24 Riku Voipiohw/omap_dss.h overhaul
2010-08-24 Riku Voipiohw/omap_dma.c prepare for omap3
2010-08-24 Riku Voipiohw/omap_clk.c prepare for omap3 support
2010-08-24 Riku Voipiohw/omap2.c prepare for omap3 support
2010-08-24 Riku Voipiohw/omap1.c overhaul
2010-08-24 Riku Voipiohw/omap.h overhaul
2010-08-24 Riku Voipiohw/nseries.c overhaul
2010-08-24 Juha RiihimäkiAdd triton2 (twl4030) driver
2010-08-24 Juha Riihimäkiqdevify smc91c111 reset
2010-08-24 Riku Voipiohw/devices.h update
2010-08-24 Juha Riihimäkii2c: add possibility to create slave without init
2010-08-24 Juha Riihimäkitsc2005 overhaul
2010-08-24 Riku Voipioblizzard: fix for non-32bpp host displays
2010-08-24 Juha Riihimäkionenand overhaul
2010-08-24 Juha RiihimäkiNAND emulation overhaul
2010-08-24 Juha RiihimäkiSD overhaul
2010-08-24 Juha Riihimäkimulti-mmc support in init call
2010-08-24 Riku Voipioadd multi-sd support
2010-08-24 Juha Riihimäkimusb: add dummy support for ulpi pass-through registers
2010-08-24 Juha Riihimäkiusb: fix -usbdevice option handling with no parameters
2010-08-24 Juha Riihimäkiadd reset support for musb
2010-08-24 Riku Voipiomake cursor grab optional
2010-08-24 Juha Riihimäkimultikeyboard support merge
2010-08-24 Juha Riihimäkimultitouch and window close handler
2010-08-24 Juha Riihimäkicocoa frontend changes
2010-08-24 Juha Riihimäkiaudio: fix integer overflow expression
2010-08-24 Riku Voipioadd pselect6 and inotify_init1
2010-08-24 Riku Voipioscratchbox1 hacks
2010-08-24 Juha Riihimäkitarget-arm: add dummy support for some cp15 performance...
2010-08-24 Juha Riihimäkitarget-arm: further fix neon_rshl helpers & implement...
2010-08-24 Juha Riihimäkitarget-arm: fix neon rshl_u64 helper
2010-08-24 Juha Riihimäkitarget-arm: add support for vmull.p8
2010-08-24 Juha Riihimäkitarget-arm: fix neon vqdmlsl instruction