Really clean up changelog and correct version numbering confusion.
[ubuntu-qemu-omap:qemu.git] / cmd.c
2010-06-22 MORITA Kazutakaqemu-io: check registered fds in command_loop()
2010-04-25 Blue SwirlFix dead initialization, spotted by clang analyzer
2009-11-21 Blue SwirlFix OpenBSD build of qemu-io
2009-09-19 Stefan WeilFix indentation
2009-09-09 Stefan Weilqemu-io: Improve portability (win32 now supported).
2009-07-16 Blue SwirlUpdate to a hopefully more future proof FSF address
2009-04-07 blueswir1Fix a few Sparse warnings
2009-04-05 aliguoriAdd files not included in previous commit.