2011-10-05 Xavier BoudetUpdate packages dependencies
2011-09-30 Olivier Naudandebian/changelog debian/0.32
2011-09-30 Olivier NaudanAdded -dce as a candidate for tiomap4-syslink-mm-ducati...
2011-09-29 Olivier NaudanRemoved packages that are more recent on Oneiric
2011-09-29 Olivier NaudanNow depend on the ubuntu-omap4-extras-graphics
2011-09-13 Olivier NaudanUpdated gir1 and faac dependencies
2011-09-13 Olivier Naudandebian/control: migration to oneiric:
2011-07-08 Olivier Naudandebian/changelog debian/0.27
2011-07-08 Olivier NaudanRemoved an obsolete gstreamer0.10-esd and fixed -ugly...
2011-07-07 Olivier Naudandebian/changelog debian/0.26
2011-07-07 Olivier NaudanUpdated GStreamer dependencies
2011-06-27 Olivier Naudandebian/changelog debian/0.25
2011-06-27 Olivier NaudanAdded the thermal management library
2011-06-23 Olivier Naudandebian/changelog debian/0.24
2011-06-23 Olivier Naudandebian/control: Added cheese and removed omap-media...
2011-06-23 Olivier Naudandebian/changelog debian/0.23
2011-06-23 Olivier Naudandebian/control: Added gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad-dev
2011-06-23 Olivier NaudanRemoved gst-plugin-h264, now replaced by an improved...
2011-05-24 Olivier Naudandebian/changelog debian/0.22
2011-05-24 Olivier NaudanAdded ubuntu-omap4-usb-mass-storage-notifier
2011-05-24 Olivier NaudanUpdated GStreamer dependencies
2011-05-19 Olivier Naudandebian/changelog debian/0.21
2011-05-19 Olivier Naudandebian/control: Added dependencies on pulseaudio, alsa...
2011-04-01 Olivier Naudandebian/changelog debian/0.20
2011-04-01 Olivier NaudanAdded sgx-lib as an alternative to pvr-omap4
2011-03-31 Olivier NaudanUpdated package names for OMX, Syslink and Tiler
2010-11-18 Olivier NaudanRelaxed the rule on GStreamer dependencies, was =,... debian/0.19
2010-11-17 Olivier NaudanRemoved hard-coded version for gstreamer0.10-openmax debian/0.18
2010-10-27 David BercovitzAdded Tesla firmwares debian/0.17
2010-10-22 Olivier NaudanUpdated GST package versions debian/0.16
2000-01-01 Olivier NaudanUpgraded GST package versions from L24.10 debian/0.15
2010-10-18 Olivier NaudanUpdated GStreamer package version
2010-10-18 Olivier NaudanDepends on either the internal or externel ducati package
2010-10-15 Nicolas Dechesneadded dependency on ubuntu-omap4-extras-config debian/0.14
2010-10-14 Nicolas DechesneRemoved all configuration files from this package debian/0.13
2010-10-14 Olivier NaudanAdded gst-plugins-ugly and moved -domx-dev from -test... debian/0.12
2010-10-14 Xavier BoudetAdd hard coded versions debian/0.11
2010-10-13 David BercovitzAdded missing amixer file debian/0.10
2010-10-13 David BercovitzUpdate upstart script for audio debian/0.9
2010-10-13 David BercovitzLintian override for extended-description list
2010-10-13 David BercovitzCorrected lintian warning on extended description
2010-10-13 David BercovitzCorrected lintian warning empty-binary-package
2010-10-13 David BercovitzUpdated gst-openmax version in control file debian/0.8
2010-10-13 David BercovitzSeperated daemon.out from -tests debian/0.7
2010-10-13 David BercovitzUpdated package version debian/0.6
2010-10-13 David BercovitzMerge branch 'master' of git://git.tif.ti.com/ubuntu...
2010-10-13 David BercovitzPackage now builds for "all" architecture
2010-10-13 David BercovitzFixed upstart script for multimedia
2010-10-13 Vincent StehléFix faac versions debian/0.5
2010-10-12 Olivier NaudanAdded pvr-omap4 debian/0.4
2010-10-08 Olivier Naudansyslink/tiler udev rules, ducati upstart scripts and... debian/0.3
2010-10-12 Olivier NaudanReworked dependencies and added -dev and -tests packages
2010-10-11 Olivier Naudandebian/control: all dependencies added for 0.24.9 debian/0.1
2010-09-27 Nicolas Dechesneinitial release