last changeThu, 15 Dec 2011 08:44:07 +0000 (08:44 +0000)
2011-12-15 Nicolas Dechesnedebian: added support for armhf master
2011-09-12 Nicolas DechesneRevert use of dh-autoreconf debian/2.0+m2+20110712+dcf86d4b-0ubuntu3
2011-09-12 Nicolas DechesneFixed debian/control for missing dh-autoreconf
2011-09-09 Nicolas DechesneRefresh patch series debian/2.0+m2+20110712+dcf86d4b-0ubuntu1
2011-09-09 Nicolas Dechesneupdated debian stuff for syslink 2.0 branch
2011-09-09 Nicolas DechesneMerge branch 'upstream'
2011-09-07 Nicolas DechesneImported upstream branch syslink-2.0, commit dcf86d4ba upstream upstream/2.0+m2+20110712+dcf86d4b
2011-06-27 Olivier Naudandebian/changelog debian/
2011-06-27 Olivier NaudanMerge branch 'upstream'
2011-06-27 Olivier NaudanImported upstream, branch syslink-2.0-m1, commit 85d100f7 upstream/
2011-03-21 Olivier Naudandebian/changelog debian/
2011-03-21 Olivier NaudanThe library was renamed, thus the sources packages
2011-03-21 Olivier NaudanAdded a patch for fix the incorrect include paths for...
2011-03-21 Olivier NaudanThe tiler library was renamed
2011-03-21 Olivier NaudanMerge branch 'upstream'
2011-03-21 Olivier NaudanImported upstream, branch syslink-2.0, commit 7a54dfe7 upstream/
5 years ago debian/2.0+m2+20110712+dcf86d4b-0ubuntu3 Debian release 2.0+m2+20110712...
5 years ago debian/2.0+m2+20110712+dcf86d4b-0ubuntu1 Debian release 2.0+m2+20110712...
5 years ago upstream/2.0+m2+20110712+dcf86d4b
5 years ago debian/ Debian release
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6 years ago upstream/
6 years ago debian/0.24.11-0ubuntu2
6 years ago debian/0.24.11-0ubuntu1 Debian release 0.24.11-0ubuntu1
6 years ago debian/0.24.10-0ubuntu3 Debian release 0.24.10-0ubuntu3
6 years ago debian/0.24.10-0ubuntu2 Debian release 0.24.10-0ubuntu2
6 years ago debian/0.24.10-0ubuntu1 Debian release 0.24.10-0ubuntu1
6 years ago debian/ Debian release
6 years ago debian/ Debian release
6 years ago debian/ Debian release
6 years ago debian/ Debian release
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