2011-09-07 Olivier Naudandebian/changelog debian/0.10.35-1+ti1.5.1.1+1
2011-09-07 Olivier Naudandebian/gbp.conf: enabled pristine-tar for all commands
2011-09-05 Olivier NaudanRealigned debian/control with control.in to please...
2011-09-05 Olivier NaudanMigration to Oneiric: Revert "As gir1.2 is not availabl...
2011-07-06 Olivier Naudandebian/changelog debian/0.10.35-1+ti0.24.14.1+5
2011-07-06 Olivier NaudanAdded new symbols in the documentation
2011-07-06 Olivier NaudanRefreshed TI patches based on commit 41af019d
2011-07-04 Olivier Naudandebian/changelog debian/0.10.35-1+ti0.24.14.1+2
2011-06-30 Olivier NaudanAs gir1.2 is not available on Maverick, stick to gir1.0.
2011-06-29 Olivier NaudanRebased TI patches on 0.10.35-1
2011-06-29 Olivier NaudanMerge branch 'ubuntu'
2011-06-29 Sebastian DrögeImported Debian patch 0.10.35-1 debian/0.10.35-1
2011-06-29 Olivier NaudanImported Upstream version 0.10.35 upstream/0.10.35
2011-06-03 Olivier Naudandebian/changelog debian/0.10.30-1+ti0.24.12.2+3
2011-06-03 Olivier NaudanRefreshed gstreamer-sections.txt
2011-06-03 Olivier NaudanAdded a patch to update GStreamer-documentation with...
2011-06-03 Olivier NaudanAdded a patch to support the new h264parser
2011-05-10 Olivier Naudandebian/changelog debian/0.10.30-1+ti0.24.12.2+2
2011-05-10 Olivier NaudanAdded build-dep on dh-autoreconf
2011-05-09 Olivier NaudanThanks to dh-autoreconf, removed the obsolete autogen...
2011-05-06 Alessandro... Refresh gstreamer-sections.txt patch
2011-05-06 Alessandro... Remove vstab mentions from the gstreamer-sections.txt...
2011-05-06 Alessandro... libgstreamer.symbols: update symbols
2011-05-06 Alessandro... add live-flush patch
2011-05-06 Alessandro... libgstreamer.symbols: remove vstab symbols
2011-05-06 Alessandro... update debian/patches/series
2011-05-06 Alessandro... Update debian/changelog
2011-05-05 Alessandro... Use dh-autoreconf
2011-05-05 Alessandro... Add patches needed for camerabin2
2011-04-14 Olivier Naudandebian/changelog debian/0.10.30-1+ti0.24.12.2+1
2011-04-14 Olivier NaudanUpdated GStreamer symbols according to TI patches
2011-04-14 Olivier NaudanRefreshed TI patches with branch release-0.10.30+ti
2010-11-19 Olivier NaudanAdded default settings for git-import-dsc in gbp.conf
2010-10-18 Olivier Naudandebian/changelog debian/0.10.30-1+ti0.24.10.1+1
2010-10-18 Olivier NaudanRefreshed TI patches with gst-24.10-rc
2010-09-24 Olivier Naudandebian/gbp.conf: the debian branch must be master
2010-09-24 Olivier NaudanRemoved a useless patch
2010-09-24 Olivier Naudangit-buildpackage configuration: upstream tarball is... debian/0.10.30-1+ti0.24.9.1+2
2010-09-24 Olivier NaudanTruncated debian/changelog for the first public release
2010-09-10 Olivier Naudandebian/changelog for 0.10.30-1+ti0.24.9.1+1 debian/0.10.30-1+ti0.24.9.1+1
2010-09-10 Olivier NaudanAdded a patch to update GStreamer documentation accordi...
2010-09-10 Olivier NaudanUpdated GStreamer symbols according to TI patches
2010-09-10 Olivier NaudanRefreshed the autogen patch
2010-09-09 Olivier NaudanUpdated TI patches from gst-24.9-pre3
2010-08-14 Olivier NaudanChanged version to 0.10.30-1+ti0.24.8.2+2 debian/0.10.30-1+ti0.24.8.2+2
2010-08-14 Olivier NaudanNew patch to update the autogen-generated files
2010-08-10 Olivier NaudanUpdated TI patches from debian/0.10.30-1+ti0.24.8.2+1
2010-08-05 Olivier NaudanUpdated TI patches from debian/0.10.30-1+ti0.24.8.1+1
2010-07-29 Sebastian DrögeImported Debian patch 0.10.30-1 debian/0.10.30-1
2010-07-29 Olivier NaudanImported Upstream version 0.10.30 upstream/0.10.30
2010-07-07 Sebastian DrögeImported Debian patch debian/
2010-07-07 Olivier NaudanImported Upstream version upstream/
2000-01-03 Olivier NaudanReverted a change in gstreamer-sections.txt and replace... debian/0.10.30-1+ti0.24.7
2010-07-29 Olivier NaudanMerge branch 'ubuntu'
2010-07-15 Olivier NaudanFixed the incorrect versions in debian/libgstreamer... debian/
2010-07-08 Olivier Naudandebian/changelog for debian/
2010-07-07 Olivier Naudandebian/rules: Modified configuration flags Added a...
2010-07-07 Olivier NaudanAdded new symbols in the documentation
2010-07-07 Olivier NaudanUpdated GStreamer symbols according to TI L24.7 patches
2010-07-07 Olivier NaudanTI patches from L24.7