last changeThu, 13 Dec 2012 09:58:39 +0000 (09:58 +0000)
2012-12-13 Olivier Naudandebian/changelog master debian/
2012-12-13 Olivier Naudandebian/control: Set architecture to armhf for all packages
2012-10-08 Olivier Naudandebian/changelog debian/
2012-10-08 Olivier NaudanRealigned debian/control with debian/
2012-10-08 Olivier Naudandebian/control: Set Vcs-* fields to the actual tree...
2012-10-08 Olivier NaudanRefreshed TI patches based on commit a102e1b7
2012-05-21 Olivier Naudandebian/changelog debian/
2012-05-21 Olivier NaudanRefreshed TI patches based on commit fc6bf01d
2012-05-21 Olivier NaudanMerge branch 'ubuntu'
2012-05-21 Timo AaltonenImported Debian patch ubuntu debian/
2012-05-21 Olivier NaudanImported Upstream version upstream upstream/
2011-12-12 Olivier Naudandebian/changelog glp1.5.x/master debian/0.10.18-3ubuntu1+ti1
2011-12-12 Olivier NaudanMerge branch 'ubuntu'
2011-12-12 Onkar ShindeImported Debian patch 0.10.18-3ubuntu1 debian/0.10.18-3ubuntu1
2011-11-30 Olivier Naudandebian/gbp.conf: enabled pristine-tar globally
2011-11-30 Olivier NaudanAdded a patch to decrease mpeg2dec rank so that TI...
5 years ago debian/ Debian release
5 years ago debian/ Debian release
6 years ago debian/ Debian release
6 years ago debian/ Debian release
6 years ago upstream/ Upstream version
6 years ago debian/0.10.18-1_maverick2+ti2 Debian release 0.10.18-1~maverick2+ti2
6 years ago debian/0.10.18-3ubuntu1+ti1 Debian release 0.10.18-3ubuntu1+ti1
6 years ago debian/0.10.18-3ubuntu1 Debian release 0.10.18-3ubuntu1
6 years ago debian/0.10.18-1_maverick2+ti1 Debian release 0.10.18-1~maverick2+ti1
6 years ago debian/0.10.18-1_maverick2 Debian release 0.10.18-1~maverick2
6 years ago upstream/0.10.18 Upstream version 0.10.18
5 years ago master
6 years ago ubuntu
6 years ago pristine-tar
6 years ago upstream
6 years ago glp1.4.x/master
6 years ago glp1.5.x/master