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last changeThu, 6 Dec 2012 03:58:31 +0000 (03:58 +0000)
2012-12-06 Guillaume AubertinPackage 2.10.012-1 master debian/2.10.012-1
2012-12-06 Guillaume Aubertincontrol: replacing old dvp package
2012-12-05 Guillaume Aubertinupdating initial changelog
2012-12-05 Guillaume AubertinMerge branch 'upstream'
2012-12-05 Guillaume Aubertinupdating package maintainer name
2012-11-11 Guillaume AubertinMerge remote-tracking branch 'omapzoom/master' into... upstream upstream/2.10.012
2012-11-19 Jesse Villarreal[IMGLIB] Fixing the width that is sent to IMGLIB for...
2012-11-19 Jesse Villarreal[RVM] Optimized RVM lut generation for speed
2012-11-19 Erik Rainey[IMGLIB] Fix for kernel regression test on Tablet
2012-11-19 Erik Rainey[IMGLIB] Fix to push bounds check back into IMGLIB
2012-11-19 Erik Rainey[FIX] Fixes for unittests and wanrings
2012-11-19 Yordan Lilov[3A] Changes related to exported 3A settings.
2012-11-19 Yordan Lilov[OMXVisionCam] switch to VisionCamUtils usage.
2012-11-19 Ivaylo TodorovKernel DVP_KN_CONV_3x3 crash fix.
2012-11-19 Yordan Lilov[unit test] Added tests for some memory operations.
2012-11-19 Yordan LilovIncluded all APIs exported via dvp.h
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5 years ago upstream/2.10.012
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