last changeSat, 10 Nov 2012 12:30:12 +0000 (23:30 +1100)
2012-11-10 Tim AllenDisplay <nav> and <aside> inline on narrow screens. master
2012-06-02 Tim AllenSnap our measurements to rounder numbers.
2012-06-02 Tim AllenAdd some headings in sidebars to the demo.
2012-06-02 Tim AllenShrink the size of text in <pre> tags.
2012-05-28 Tim AllenSplit typesetter.css into layout and colour files.
2012-05-28 Tim AllenPut <nav> elements on the left.
2012-05-28 Tim AllenNested lists shouldn't have top-and-bottom padding.
2012-03-22 Tim AllenTeach demo.html to toggle the background stripes.
2012-03-21 Tim AllenRefactor to use constants for lengths.
2012-03-21 Tim AllenAdd colour constants.
2012-03-21 Tim AllenDocument our build-dependency on LESS.
2012-03-21 Tim AllenMake our CSS file a Less source file.
2012-03-21 Tim AllenMove things into subdirectories.
2012-03-21 Tim AllenMake demo.html validate cleanly.
2012-03-15 Tim AllenAdd a licence and some attribution.
2012-03-15 Tim AllenInitial commit.
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