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2007-11-05 Susan PotterRemoved RDoc generated HTML files and added them to... master
2007-11-05 Susan PotterRemoved fickle HTML files that change every run of...
2007-11-05 Susan PotterAdded sanity tests for favoriting
2007-11-05 Susan PotterAdded RCov HTML files and missing files from previous...
2007-11-05 Susan Potter1. Fixed spec:* rake tasks.
2007-11-04 Susan PotterFixed some spec:XX rake tasks to work properly.
2007-11-04 Susan PotterAdded missing files (hopefully finally?)
2007-11-04 Susan PotterAdded missing files.
2007-11-04 Susan PotterAdded missing files.
2007-10-21 Susan PotterAdded web and marketing directories
2007-09-24 mbbx6sppUpdated RDoc documentation for conf.source
2007-09-24 mbbx6sppAdded spec
2007-09-24 mbbx6sppUpdated CHANGES with Retrospectiva ticket number for...
2007-09-24 mbbx6sppAdded require('rubygems') to top for those checking...
2007-09-24 mbbx6sppUpdated task definition to remove deprecated usage
2007-09-24 mbbx6sppAdded support for paging messages as per #36
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