last changeWed, 3 Nov 2010 23:35:10 +0000 (16:35 -0700)
2010-11-03 Brion VibberAllow for add'l description information when validating... master
2010-10-27 conner_bwOAuth hack to handle binary files
2010-10-23 conner_bwRemoved redundant debug info, because cURL response...
2010-10-23 conner_bwEcho "curl response" when debug mode is active, minor...
2010-10-22 conner_bwSupport for API with OAuth.
2010-10-20 conner_bwMinor fixes to Twitter API.
2010-10-20 conner_bwAdded Twitter API tests, some refactoring to support...
2010-10-20 conner_bwReorganizing files
2010-10-18 Zach CopleyInitial work by Dac Chartrand (connerbw)
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