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2013-10-23 Stefan Sechelmannwebstart build target completed, unsign numerical metho... master
2013-10-22 Stefan Sechelmanntypo
2013-10-22 Stefan Sechelmannremove warnings and casts from my assignment
2013-10-22 Stefan Sechelmanncreate ant build script to build and release assignment...
2013-10-22 Stefan SechelmannMerge remote-tracking branch 'charles/master'
2013-10-22 Stefan SechelmannRevert "resolution change"
2013-10-22 Stefan Sechelmannremove empty readme file
2013-10-22 Charles G.... organize imports
2013-10-22 Charles G.... Simplify the first assignment
2013-10-21 Charles G.... Remove student package that doesn't belong in repository
2013-10-21 Charles G.... complete Assignment1
2013-10-21 Charles G.... fix name in animation file
2013-10-21 Charles G.... change way animation file is located
2013-10-21 Charles G.... animation file
2013-10-21 Charles G.... Polishing first assignment.
2013-10-18 Charles G.... rewrite the first assignment to be simpler
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