2014-01-31 Luis VeraFixing columns
2014-01-30 Luis VeraBuilding the columns
2014-01-30 Luis VeraMicrophone Panel created
2014-01-30 Luis VeraAudioFormat and UI fixed
2014-01-30 Luis VeraAudioFormat fixed
2014-01-28 Luis VeraStarting User Interface
2014-01-28 Luis VeraGroup choice and update
2014-01-28 Luis VeraGroup choice and update - work in progress
2014-01-27 Luis VeraReal-time microphone :D :D
2014-01-27 Luis VeraStill-non-real-time microphone
2014-01-26 Luis VeraNot-real-time microphone
2014-01-21 Luis VeraWork in progress: constructing real microphone (2)
2014-01-21 Luis VeraWork in progress: constructing real microphone
2014-01-21 Luis VeraMoving speakerswith fixed sound directions
2014-01-20 Luis VeraMoving speakers
2014-01-19 Luis VeraCoordinates of the Avatar
2014-01-17 Luis VeraTessellated speakers & DGSGR
2014-01-16 Luis VeraTessellated speakers
2014-01-11 Luis VeraMicrophones location in progress
2014-01-11 Luis VeraCamera position in progress
2014-01-09 Luis VeraRooms with doors
2014-01-09 Luis VeraRooms with faces
2014-01-09 Luis VeraFirst sketches
2014-01-09 Luis VeraFirst sketches
2013-12-12 Luis VeraAssign5 - with captures
2013-12-12 Luis VeraAssign5 - first version
2013-12-10 Luis VeraMerge branch 'master' of git@gitorious.org:tu-mathvis...
2013-12-10 Charles G.... update discretegroup.jar
2013-12-09 Charles G.... Continue to work on Assignment5 the Xmas ornament app.
2013-12-09 Charles G.... Refactor Assignment5, add a "plugin" structure for...
2013-12-08 Charles G.... reluctantly make a commit in order to make a push in...
2013-12-08 Charles G.... work on Assignment 5 further, add factory.
2013-12-07 Luis VeraMerge branch 'master' of git@gitorious.org:tu-mathvis...
2013-12-06 Charles G.... start assignment 5
2013-12-06 Charles G.... fix bug in new GUI
2013-12-05 Luis VeraAssign4 - second part
2013-12-05 Luis VeraMerge branch 'master' of git@gitorious.org:tu-mathvis...
2013-12-05 Luis VeraAssign4 - reorganization
2013-12-05 Charles G.... replace shaded sphere brush with flat disk.
2013-12-04 Luis VeraAssign4 - continuation
2013-12-03 Charles G.... change private to protected.
2013-12-03 Charles G.... add comments
2013-12-03 Charles G.... Fix problem with class structure for PaintTool
2013-11-30 Charles G.... fix access to whichGroup field
2013-11-29 Charles G.... Continue to refine the paint assignment.
2013-11-29 Luis VeraAssign4 - second version bis
2013-11-29 Charles G.... Add doc file.
2013-11-29 Charles G.... add title to paint tool inspector
2013-11-29 Charles G.... continue to work on the new painting part.
2013-11-28 Charles G.... Choose between the "L" and painting.
2013-11-28 Charles G.... add paint tool to assignment4
2013-11-28 Luis VeraAssign4 - second version
2013-11-27 Luis VeraAssign4 - first version
2013-11-25 Charles G.... work on assignment 4
2013-11-22 Luis VeraAssignment3 - first final version
2013-11-21 Luis VeraAssignment3 - First version
2013-11-21 Luis VeraAssignment3 - first version
2013-11-21 Luis VeraAssign3+4
2013-11-21 Luis VeraAssign3-3
2013-11-21 Luis VeraAssign3-2
2013-11-20 Charles G.... specify the assignment
2013-11-20 Charles G.... Polish Assignment4
2013-11-19 Charles G.... assignment4
2013-11-19 Charles G.... remove unintended package
2013-11-15 Charles G.... allow switching to non-VR mode to play with textures.
2013-11-15 Luis VeraAssign3-2
2013-11-15 Charles G.... Implement the rolled-up cylinder from thursday's tutorial
2013-11-15 Luis VeraAssign3-1
2013-11-14 Charles G.... change getAnimationFile() to protected
2013-11-14 Charles G.... change getAnimationFile() to protected
2013-11-14 Charles G.... Very sketchy doc file.
2013-11-13 Luis VeraAssign2-FinalCorrection
2013-11-12 Charles G.... Try to clean this assignment up so it's doable.
2013-11-12 Charles G.... convert Assignment3 to rotate a square around vertical...
2013-11-12 Luis VeraHOleProject
2013-11-12 Luis VeraAssign2-HoleProject
2013-11-12 Luis Vera"Assign2-Correction3"
2013-11-12 Luis VeraAssign2-Correction2
2013-11-12 Luis VeraAssign2-correction
2013-11-12 Charles G.... Assignment3
2013-11-11 Charles G.... Add inspector field.
2013-11-11 Charles G.... last touches to leaf child tool, backward compatible
2013-11-08 Luis VeraAssign2-first versio
2013-11-05 Luis VeraReorganizing3
2013-11-05 Luis VeraReorganizing2
2013-11-05 Luis VeraReorganizing
2013-11-04 Charles G.... remove unintended methods from abstract class Assignment2
2013-11-04 Charles G.... delete student package
2013-11-04 Charles G.... fix store and restore
2013-11-04 Charles G.... implement save and restore property methods
2013-11-04 Charles G.... add html
2013-11-04 Charles G.... Finished assignment 2
2013-11-04 Charles G.... more polishing
2013-11-04 Charles G.... create package for assignment2
2013-11-04 Charles G.... clean up some rough edges of the refactoring
2013-11-04 Charles G.... refactor Assignment1 into Assignment2 -- more modular...
2013-10-31 Luis VeraDefinitive Assingnment1
2013-10-31 Luis VeraFifth attempt :S
2013-10-31 Luis VeraFourth attempt
2013-10-28 Charles G.... added readme.txt