2012-08-15 William Morganmore documentation fixups master release-2.0
2012-08-15 William Morganbump to 2.0
2012-08-15 William Morganfix rake test task
2012-08-15 William Morganmisc code cleanups
2012-08-15 William Morganchange behavior for boolean flags
2012-08-11 William Morganrandom documentation tweaks
2012-05-18 William Morganfix broken example on webpage
2012-04-23 William Morganfor flags that default to true, display --no-X instead...
2012-04-23 William Morganremove warnings during test time
2012-04-23 William Morganfix warning; thanks to Petty E. Metzger
2012-04-23 William Morganfix Rakefile to 1.9 compatibility
2010-06-28 William Morganfix w_s_e_h example, thanks to 'jon.forums'
2010-04-06 William Morganbump to 1.16.2 release-1.16.2
2010-04-06 William Morganadd unit test for Trollop::die bug
2010-04-06 William Morgananother bugfix in Trollop::options
2010-04-06 William Morganupdate release-script.txt
2010-04-06 William Morganbump to 1.16.1 release-1.16.1
2010-04-06 William Morgantweak README so that it looks better with darkfish
2010-04-06 William Morganrefactor Trollop::die into Trollop::Parser#die and...
2010-04-01 William Morganbump to 1.16 release-1.16
2010-04-01 William Morganupdate release-script to gemcutter world
2010-04-01 William Morganupdate index.html with 1.16 documentation and contributors
2010-04-01 William Morganupdate History for 1.16 release
2010-04-01 William Morgandrop hoe and get with new gem creation
2010-04-01 William Morganadd Trollop::with_standard_exception_handling method
2010-04-01 William Morganmodify #parse argument array in place
2010-04-01 Will Fitzgeraldhandle scientific notation
2010-04-01 William Morganadd .gitignore
2010-01-03 William Morganupdate license in trollop.rb to match the license terms...
2009-12-08 William Morganminor: required option error message was ugly
2009-09-30 William Morganupdate URL in README.txt
2009-09-30 William Morganfix broken html on webpage
2009-09-30 William Morganbump to 1.15 release-1.15
2009-09-27 William Morganminor README.txt tweaks
2009-09-27 William Morgandon't raise when out of short options
2009-06-19 William Morganbump to 1.14
2009-06-19 William Morganupdate changelog for 1.14
2009-06-19 William Morganmake :multi arguments default to [], not nil
2009-06-19 William Morganimprove a few comments and error output
2009-06-03 William Morganupdate webpage and FAQ
2009-04-01 Erik OstromAdded :date option type.
2009-03-23 William Morganunshadow a variable
2009-03-16 William Morganbump to 1.13 release-1.13
2009-02-26 William Morganfix parsing of arg=<value with spaces>
2009-01-30 William Morganminor README tweaks
2009-01-30 William Morganbump to 1.12 release-1.12
2009-01-30 William Morganmove internal methods to bottom & mark private
2009-01-30 William Morganresolve default shorts AFTER user shorts
2009-01-30 William Morganadd some unit tests for given keys
2009-01-30 William Morganupdate unit tests to work with _given keys
2009-01-30 William Morganbump to 1.11 release-1.11
2009-01-30 William Morganset "<opt>_given" for each opt on the commandline
2008-10-23 William Morganadd blog link to index.html
2008-10-23 William Morganadd links to README
2008-10-23 William Morganfuck you rdoc, and fuck you rake
2008-10-23 William Morganbump to 1.10.2 release-1.10.2
2008-10-23 William MorganRevert "try and run 'stty size' to determine screen...
2008-10-23 William Morganprettify default in help screen for arrays and IOs release-1.10.1
2008-10-23 William Morganbugfix for :multi arguments and array defaults
2008-10-23 William Morganbah, minor Rakefile bugfix
2008-10-23 William Morganupdate release script
2008-10-23 William Morganbump to 1.10.1
2008-10-23 William Morganvarious rakefile tweaks
2008-10-23 William Morganfix up ambiguous multi-value vs multi-occurrence with...
2008-10-23 William Morganmore documentation improvements
2008-10-23 William Morganwebpage source code bugfix
2008-10-23 William Morganfix up rdoc documentation generation
2008-10-23 William Morgancomment out bad unit test that requires network access...
2008-10-23 William Morganoptions return value now accepts method calls as well...
2008-10-22 William Morganwhoops; :io objects not generating right in help output release-1.10
2008-10-22 William Morganbump version to 1.10
2008-10-22 William Morganadd :io type for readonly files, urls, and stdin
2008-10-22 William Morganupdate rdoc documentation
2008-10-22 William Morgantry and run 'stty size' to determine screen width
2008-10-22 William Morganlots of documentation updates in index.html
2008-10-21 William Morganremove documentation from README.txt
2008-10-21 William Morganremove outdated FAQ entry
2008-08-20 William Morganbump to 1.9 release-1.9
2008-08-20 William Morganupdate gem description to match README.txt
2008-08-20 William Morganadd release script
2008-08-06 Tuomas Kareinenadd support for multiple options and multiple parameters
2008-08-03 Ohad Lutzkytest for alternate args source
2008-08-03 Ohad Lutzkyallow different source of args for options (rather...
2008-08-03 Ohad Lutzkyrepair stop_on_unknown, add units tests
2008-08-03 William MorganMerge commit 'lutzky/master'
2008-07-31 William Morganadd a pointer to lib/trollop.rb directly from the webpage
2008-07-31 William Morganadd a nasty list of reasons to use trollop to the webpage
2008-07-31 Ohad Lutzkyimplement stop_on_unknown
2008-07-30 William Morgancolorize html
2008-07-30 William Morganpoint webpage to the new git repo
2008-06-25 William Morganbump to 1.8.2
2008-06-25 William Morgananother bugfix: conflicts and depends error messages...
2008-06-24 William Morganscp -> rsync
2008-06-24 William Morganbump version to 1.8.1
2008-06-24 William Morganmake documentation aggressive
2008-06-24 William Morganbugfix: short option autocreation tries (and dies on...
2008-06-17 William MorganBump version to 1.8.
2008-06-17 William Morganadd sub-command support via Parser#stop_on
2008-01-16 William Morganmark as 1.7.2
2008-01-16 William Morganruby 1.9-ify