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2010-06-28 William Morganfix w_s_e_h example, thanks to 'jon.forums'
2010-04-01 William Morganupdate index.html with 1.16 documentation and contributors
2009-09-30 William Morganfix broken html on webpage
2009-06-03 William Morganupdate webpage and FAQ
2008-10-23 William Morganadd blog link to index.html
2008-10-23 William Morganwebpage source code bugfix
2008-10-22 William Morganlots of documentation updates in index.html
2008-08-20 William Morganbump to 1.9 release-1.9
2008-08-03 William MorganMerge commit 'lutzky/master'
2008-07-31 William Morganadd a pointer to lib/trollop.rb directly from the webpage
2008-07-31 William Morganadd a nasty list of reasons to use trollop to the webpage
2008-07-30 William Morgancolorize html
2008-07-30 William Morganpoint webpage to the new git repo
2008-06-24 William Morganmake documentation aggressive
2008-01-06 William Morganlots of documentation improvements