minor README.txt tweaks
[trollop:mainline.git] / test / test_trollop.rb
2009-09-27 William Morgandon't raise when out of short options
2009-06-19 William Morganmake :multi arguments default to [], not nil
2009-04-01 Erik OstromAdded :date option type.
2009-02-26 William Morganfix parsing of arg=<value with spaces>
2009-01-30 William Morganresolve default shorts AFTER user shorts
2009-01-30 William Morganadd some unit tests for given keys
2009-01-30 William Morganupdate unit tests to work with _given keys
2008-10-23 William Morganbugfix for :multi arguments and array defaults
2008-10-23 William Morganfix up ambiguous multi-value vs multi-occurrence with...
2008-10-23 William Morgancomment out bad unit test that requires network access...
2008-10-23 William Morganoptions return value now accepts method calls as well...
2008-10-22 William Morganadd :io type for readonly files, urls, and stdin
2008-08-06 Tuomas Kareinenadd support for multiple options and multiple parameters
2008-08-03 Ohad Lutzkytest for alternate args source
2008-08-03 Ohad Lutzkyrepair stop_on_unknown, add units tests
2008-06-25 William Morgananother bugfix: conflicts and depends error messages...
2008-06-24 William Morganbugfix: short option autocreation tries (and dies on...
2008-06-17 William Morganadd sub-command support via Parser#stop_on
2007-06-17 William Morganbugfix: wrong error message for required argument missi...
2007-04-01 William Morganwhoops, forgot to commit all the changes to version 1.5
2007-03-26 William Morgan1.4
2007-02-01 William Morganupdates for 1.3
2007-01-31 William Morganupdates for 1.1
2007-01-30 William Morganmore tweaks