minor README.txt tweaks
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2008-10-23 William Morganfuck you rdoc, and fuck you rake
2008-10-23 William Morganbah, minor Rakefile bugfix
2008-10-23 William Morganvarious rakefile tweaks
2008-10-23 William Morganfix up rdoc documentation generation
2008-08-20 William Morganupdate gem description to match README.txt
2008-06-24 William Morganscp -> rsync
2008-01-06 William Morganlots of documentation improvements
2007-01-31 William Morganupdates to 1.2, including forcible removing hoe dependency
2007-01-30 William Morganwebpage updates
2007-01-30 William Morganmore tweaks
2007-01-30 William Morganfixups
2007-01-30 William Morganinitial import