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2015-04-22 Jan KundrátMerge changes I90a9e805,Id3d2bf1f master
2015-04-22 Jan KundrátMerge "add throbber mode to Spinner"
2015-04-22 Jan Kundrátthreading: Overallocate a bit more space for new arriva...
2015-04-22 Jan KundrátThreading: Reserve enough space for QHash
2015-04-10 Jan KundrátFix segfault when building with D-Bus on Windows
2015-04-10 Jan KundrátUpdate copyright year for Lasse
2015-04-09 Lasse LiehuUse disambiguation for messages containing date format...
2015-04-03 l10n daemon... SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always resol...
2015-04-03 l10n daemon... SVN_SILENT made messages (after extraction)
2015-03-23 Jan KundrátMerge topic 'breeze-icons'
2015-03-21 Thomas Lübkingadd throbber mode to Spinner
2015-03-19 Jan KundrátControl reporting of Trojitá's version information
2015-03-19 Jan KundrátMerge the "seen status" column with the generic icon...
2015-03-19 Jan KundrátFix inconsistent icons for mail states in the Breeze...
2015-03-19 Jan KundrátRudimentary support for mapping from "our icon names...
2015-03-19 Jan KundrátAdd support for overriding icons on a theme-specific...
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