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last changeMon, 24 Mar 2014 17:17:56 +0000 (18:17 +0100)
2014-03-24 Stephan Platzfix: restore the default column for the MsgListView... master
2014-03-24 Stephan PlatzHighlight flagged messages in the MessageListView
2014-03-24 Stephan PlatzIcon for flagged mails added
2014-03-24 Stephan Platzhandle columns added to the MsgListModel and adjust...
2014-03-23 Jan KundrátAdd a note that these indexes MUST NOT be changed
2014-03-23 Jan KundrátUpdate copyright year for Yuri
2014-03-23 Jan KundrátFix extracting attachment filename from the oboslete...
2014-03-22 Yuri ChornoivanFix minor typo
2014-03-21 l10n daemon... SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)
2014-03-20 Jan Kundrátwww: link to the updated Windows build
2014-03-20 Jan KundrátMerge branch 'imap-preauth-starttls'
2014-03-20 Jan KundrátMarking the current version as -git again
2014-03-20 Jan KundrátVersion bump to 0.4.1
2014-03-20 Jan KundrátIMAP: refuse to work when STARTTLS is required but...
2014-03-20 Jan KundrátAdd proper credits for mhall119 and DanChapman
2014-03-20 Jan KundrátMerging the initial port of the Ubuntu Components QML...
4 years ago v0.3.96 Tagging v0.3.96, another release
5 years ago drafts/draft-kundrat-imap-submit-02
5 years ago drafts/draft-imap-incthread-02
5 years ago xtuple/2013-06-06
5 years ago v0.3.93 Tagging 0.3.93, yet another preview...
5 years ago v0.3.92 Tagging 0.3.92, another preview...
5 years ago xtuple/2013-01-11.2
5 years ago xtuple/2013-01-11
5 years ago xtuple/2013-01-10
5 years ago v0.3.91 Tagging another pre-release
5 years ago xtuple/2013-01-08
5 years ago xtuple/2013-01-02
5 years ago xtuple/2012-12-14
5 years ago v0.3.90 Tagging v0.3.90, a preview release...
5 years ago xtuple/2012-11-20
5 years ago xtuple/2012-11-15
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4 years ago attachment-indication
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6 years ago qt5-vector-strict-iterators
6 years ago tl-composer-rework
6 years ago unselect-rework
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