last changeFri, 24 Sep 2010 12:10:04 +0000 (14:10 +0200)
2010-09-24 Jan KundrátCreate a shameless "Donate" button master
2010-09-24 Jan Kundrátremove obsolete experimental .pro file
2010-09-24 Jan KundrátMerge branch 'tasks'
2010-09-19 Jan KundrátAdd some links to SourceForge's donation system
2010-09-18 Jan KundrátDo not break on mailboxes supporting the qresync/condst...
2010-09-18 Jan KundrátAdd parser support for various response codes
2010-09-14 Jan KundrátRemove one extra break
2010-09-14 Jan KundrátChange the API of the KeepMailboxOpenTask to allow...
2010-09-13 Jan KundrátDeprecate and remove various response handlers
2010-09-13 Jan KundrátMake sure the DEPENDPATH and INCLUDEPATH are the same
2010-09-13 Jan KundrátDo not force a full resync when nothing has changed...
2010-09-13 Jan KundrátReduce debugging output to a manageable level
2010-09-12 Jan KundrátPort everything to the new Tasks API
2010-09-12 Jan KundrátFix crash in slotTaskDeleted
2010-09-12 Jan KundrátAdd some FIXMEs
2010-09-11 Jan KundrátPort the NumberOfMessagesTask to the Tasks API
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