last changeMon, 20 Dec 2010 23:50:25 +0000 (18:50 -0500)
2010-12-20 Mike Kellyuse devtmpfs, and move it over to the new root master
2010-03-10 Mike Kelly/bin/bb is now /bin/busybox-static, at least on exherbo
2009-09-01 Mike KellyFix lvm.statuc path.
2009-09-01 Mike KellyDon't need the fake udevadm anymore.
2009-02-07 Mike KellyUpdate to my current initramfs' state.
2008-11-04 Mike Kelly"New" version for "new" disk layout (from 6 months...
2008-03-15 Mike KellyForce Tux on Ice to use then userui program we have...
2008-02-25 Mike Kellytry to use switch_root instead, so we won't need klibc
2008-02-23 Mike Kellydon't trigger tuxonice if it doesn't exist...
2008-02-16 Mike Kellybail out if the password is failed
2007-12-25 Mike KellyMajor cleanup / prettifying.
2007-12-25 Mike Kellyi am teh fail... put the arguments in the wrong order...
2007-12-23 Mike Kellyfixins
2007-12-23 Mike Kellyupdate makefile
2007-12-22 Mike Kellyadd a .gitignore file
2007-12-22 Mike Kellyinitial version of my script/config
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