Bugfix: Arte changed the xml feed url. Grrr\!
[totem-plugin-arte:mainline.git] / arteplus7.vala
2010-09-28 Simon WennerBugfix: Arte changed the xml feed url. Grrr\!
2010-09-28 Simon WennerBugfix: Fallback to the rss feed on IO errors too
2010-09-18 Simon WennerRename cache.default_pb to cache.default_thumbnail...
2010-09-18 Simon WennerMerge branch 'thumbnails' of git://gitorious.org/~malar...
2010-09-18 Nicolas DelvauxInstall the default thumbnail in /usr/share/totem/plugi...
2010-09-18 Nicolas DelvauxMove check_and_download_missing_thumbnails to the ArteP...
2010-09-18 Nicolas DelvauxFix when image_uri == null (eg. with the RSS feed)
2010-09-18 Simon WennerMerge branch 'thumbnails' of git://gitorious.org/~malar...
2010-09-18 Simon Wennerindentation fix
2010-09-18 Nicolas DelvauxUpdate the user_agent string
2010-09-18 Nicolas DelvauxDownload thumbnails asynchronously
2010-09-14 Simon WennerIncrease the session timeout to 15 seconds, update... VERSION_0.9.0
2010-09-12 Simon WennerAdd a 10 seconds session timeout. This should prevent...
2010-09-12 Simon WennerImproved fetching of the XML feed, remove duplicate...
2010-08-04 Nicolas DelvauxAdd RTMP and MP4 extractors, remove the deprecated...
2010-07-03 Nicolas DelvauxDo not stupidly forget a big part of the session refact... 8
2010-07-03 Nicolas DelvauxSession code refactoring.
2010-07-03 Nicolas DelvauxUse GLib.warning instead of stdout.printf
2010-07-01 Nicolas DelvauxWorkaround a 'critical' message when (for some reason...
2010-06-30 Nicolas DelvauxTry to guess the user prefer language at first run
2010-06-30 Nicolas DelvauxChange some strings (related to proxy support)
2010-06-29 Nicolas DelvauxSupport proxy with authentication.
2010-06-29 Nicolas DelvauxLoad properties before creating the cache object
2010-06-27 Simon WennerDisable debug messages in the url extractor, minor...
2010-06-27 Simon WennerUse the proxy settings to fetch images too
2010-06-27 Nicolas DelvauxSupport http proxy (using gnome proxy settings) 7
2010-05-23 Simon WennerSort the videos by removal time. VERSION_0.8.4
2010-05-23 Simon WennerMove the ExtractionError declaration to url-extractor...
2010-05-23 Simon WennerAdd a more sophisticated error handling infrastructure...
2010-05-23 Simon WennerUpdate the user agent string
2010-05-22 Simon WennerBump version to 0.8.4, update TODO and NEWS
2010-05-22 Simon WennerMake column names private, update coding style
2010-05-22 Simon WennerMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/4' of git://gitorious...
2010-05-22 Simon WennerParse the first five pages of the XML feed
2010-05-22 Simon WennerParse description and offline date
2010-05-22 Nicolas DelvauxGive more hope to the user in the "could not extract... 4
2010-05-22 Simon WennerNew WMV stream url extractor class. Video playback...
2010-05-19 Simon WennerRequest all (1000) videos from the XML feed, update...
2010-05-19 Simon WennerUse the new RSS and XML feeds.
2010-04-18 Simon WennerAdd Totem's license exception clause
2010-04-15 Simon WennerMinor consistancy patch
2010-04-13 Nicolas DelvauxHandle Gconf errors 2
2010-04-12 Nicolas DelvauxFix default settings (really use HQ by default):
2010-04-11 Simon WennerConnect the F5 key event to the main window
2010-04-11 Simon WennerPressing F5 refreshes the video feed (if the plugin...
2010-04-11 Nicolas DelvauxProvide tooltip for the "clear the search text" icon. 1
2010-04-10 Nicolas DelvauxSet focus to the search entry by default
2010-04-09 Nicolas DelvauxSet focus to the first video on return (in the search...
2010-04-05 Simon WennerRedesign the refresh and search toolbar using icons...
2010-03-07 Simon WennerUse Soup.KnownStatusCode.OK instead of an integer
2010-03-07 Simon WennerBugfix: Display loading message before doing any loading
2010-03-06 Simon WennerRemove the libgee dependency, fix display bugs
2010-02-16 Simon WennerMinor code beautifications
2010-02-13 Simon WennerAdd title to the description tooltip
2010-02-13 Simon WennerAdd a cleanup function to remove old cache entries
2010-02-13 Simon WennerThumbnail cache added
2010-02-10 Simon Wennerdistribution neutral user agent string, do not append...
2010-02-10 Simon WennerFallback to another stream uri if the desired stream...
2010-02-10 Simon WennerDon't segfault if only a mq stream is available
2010-02-07 Simon Wennercode cleanup
2010-02-07 Simon Wennerconvert message response data properly
2010-02-06 Simon WennerFix a bug in the new tooltips text
2010-02-06 Nicolas DelvauxNew "time before removing" tooltips in a more user...
2010-02-06 Simon WennerFix build errors with Vala 0.7.10. Require Vala 0.7.10.
2010-01-29 Simon WennerRe-add minimal search entry width.
2010-01-29 Nicolas DelvauxSome more tweaks and cleanup
2010-01-29 Nicolas DelvauxFix indentation in previous commit (spaces vs tabs)
2010-01-29 Nicolas DelvauxExpand the search fill (IMHO it's much nicer)
2010-01-24 Simon WennerRemove unused category code. It's not very useful.
2010-01-16 Simon WennerFix a possible segfault because of a missing tree view...
2010-01-16 Simon WennerDon't show negative minutes
2010-01-16 Simon WennerAdd refresh button tooltip
2010-01-16 Simon Wennerremove viewport to improve keyboard support
2010-01-16 Simon WennerAdd tooltip that shows the time until removal of the...
2010-01-10 Simon WennerFix backspace refilter bug
2010-01-10 Simon WennerAdd search field
2010-01-09 Simon WennerAdd settings dialog.
2010-01-08 Simon Wennerupdate user agent string
2010-01-08 Simon WennerSave video quality and language setting in gconf
2010-01-01 Simon WennerDisable sensitivity of the toolbar while loading
2009-12-31 Simon WennerAdd Austria to the supported countries
2009-12-31 Simon WennerAdd a useful hint for the user to the stream uri extrac...
2009-12-31 Simon WennerFix segfaults if we lose the internet connection after...
2009-12-31 Simon WennerFix a build error with Vala 0.7.9
2009-12-29 Simon WennerCreate less Soup.Session opjects, fix coding style
2009-12-29 Simon WennerAdd a loading message to the TreeView
2009-12-29 Simon WennerUse both parsers, improved error handling
2009-12-29 Simon WennerSort the video feeds properly
2009-12-29 Simon Wennermove get_thumbnail to the Video class, remove debug...
2009-12-29 Simon WennerAdd async thumbnail loading
2009-12-28 Simon WennerAdd an XML parser for the Flash preview feed
2009-12-28 Simon WennerUse the Totem.CellRendererVideo in the TreeView
2009-12-27 Simon WennerUse add_to_playlist_and_play instead of action_set_mrl_...
2009-12-25 Simon WennerMark strings for translation
2009-12-25 Simon WennerAdd video quality selection box
2009-12-25 Simon WennerAdd language selection box
2009-12-25 Simon WennerAdd RSS feed refresh button
2009-12-25 Simon WennerCode cleanup and better error handling
2009-12-24 Simon WennerInitial commit