Barbarians quests: dialogue polishing.
[tmw:tmwa-server-test.git] / world / map / npc / 033-1 / yerrnk.txt
2012-01-21 Jessica TölkeBarbarians quests: dialogue polishing.
2012-01-17 Jessica TölkeBarbarian: some tweaks
2012-01-17 Jessica TölkeBarbarian quest: change some variables that are used...
2012-01-17 Stefan DombrowskiSome fixes to the Barbarian quests
2011-12-22 Jessica Tölkesome cleanup on barbarian NPCs
2011-11-16 Erik SchillingMade Constants case-sensitive
2011-10-02 Jessica TölkeBarbarians: adding third quest given by Yerrnk, also...
2011-09-08 Jessica TölkeMerge remote-tracking branch 'testing/master' v2011.09.08
2011-09-03 Jessica TölkeMerge remote-tracking branch 'mainline/master'
2011-09-02 Jessica Tölkebarbarians: some work on the wolvern quest
2011-08-28 Jessica TölkeBarbarians: Birrod and Yerrnk changed to new scripting...
2011-07-18 Jessica TölkeBarbarians: Adding minigame to Birrod, some dialogue
2011-07-17 Jessica TölkeBarbarians: adding three new npcs on 033-1, updating...