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2010-07-15 David AthayMerge branch 'master' of
2010-07-15 David AthayUpdate xcode project
2009-10-22 Jared AdamsAdd an option to skip loading updates
2009-10-22 Jared AdamsRevert "Made the -d data path don't be bothered by...
2009-10-22 BertramMade the -d data path don't be bothered by updates...
2009-10-22 BertramOptimized game startup sequence for eAthena in order...
2009-10-21 BertramFix flipping player's direction when using keyboard...
2009-10-21 BertramCommencing the keyboard walking fine-tune.
2009-10-21 BertramMade the skip updates (-u) and set custom data path...
2009-10-19 Jared AdamsFix RegisterDialog tab order and detail lengths
2009-10-17 Philipp SehmischNot translating a message sent to log
2009-10-17 Philipp SehmischMade some network error messages translateable
2009-10-17 Philipp SehmischChanged the "SDLNet_TCP_Recv()" error message to someth...
2009-10-15 BertramMade the keyboard walking pixel exact again.
2009-10-15 BertramFixed a potential segfault.
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