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2014-07-23 Ben LongbonsMoved master
2012-08-07 Ben LongbonsDisable splash damage in towns
2012-08-06 Ben LongbonsPass @wgm through chat spam filter.
2012-08-05 Ben LongbonsGive a warning when unable to drop an item.
2012-07-22 Ben LongbonsAdd option argument to getareausers to exclude the...
2012-07-19 Ben LongbonsHopefully make shutdown more clean.
2012-07-07 Ben LongbonsLet 'make install' work if destination directory doesn...
2012-07-07 Ben LongbonsMake mob splash range configurable
2012-07-07 Ben LongbonsMake all mobs do radius-0 splash damage.
2012-07-07 Ben LongbonsAdd 'make install' target.
2012-06-25 Ben LongbonsAdd @doomspot command.
2012-04-21 Ben LongbonsWe *do* need flex, after all, and its 'lex' emulation...
2012-04-04 Ben LongbonsMake chat range the same as vision range.
2012-02-18 Thorbjørn LindeijerAdded compilation instructions
2012-01-28 The Free YorpSend the current remaining status points even when...
2012-01-08 Jessica TölkeRaging skill formula changed to make it more powerful.
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