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2010-03-15 Thomas Levinefinish dimensions, notes from meeting
2010-03-09 Thomas LevineReasoning for all dimensions
2010-03-09 Thomas Levinebasket mounting method(s)
2010-03-09 Thomas Levinecushioning, minor adjustments
2010-03-09 Thomas Levinei guess adding reba
2010-03-09 Thomas LevineAdd hip spreading and fleshed out propulsion types
2010-03-07 Thomas LevineCite visual field for feet-first
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2010-03-07 Thomas LevineThis paper is on more than the crawler
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2010-03-07 Thomas LevineOnly figures, rest breaks, arm-extender missing
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2010-03-07 Thomas LevineEverything is done except dimensions and figures
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