last changeSat, 11 Aug 2012 09:19:53 +0000 (10:19 +0100)
2012-08-11 Mike SheldonBegin implementing property change listeners master
2012-08-08 Mike SheldonAdd missing files
2012-07-29 Mike SheldonDisplay splash screen when launching tizen apps
2012-07-29 Mike SheldonInitial implementation of cellular network properties...
2012-07-29 Mike SheldonFinish implementation of wifi properties for tizen...
2012-07-24 Mike SheldonBuild against meegotouch on nemo
2012-07-24 Mike SheldonSelect app path appropriate to current platform
2012-07-24 Mike SheldonAdd pyside dependency to rpm spec
2012-07-23 Mike SheldonUse rpm spec directly rather than generating from yaml
2012-07-23 Mike SheldonFollow meego build rules even on non-meego systems...
2012-07-23 Mike SheldonGive source filename explicitly in rpm yaml
2012-07-23 Mike SheldonReplace individual qtm dependencies with metapackage
2012-07-23 Mike SheldonFall back to index.html if a starting file hasn't been...
2012-07-23 Mike SheldonAdd spectacle yaml for .spec generation
2012-07-23 Mike SheldonAdd build dependency on libqtm-location-dev
2012-07-23 Mike SheldonAdd build dependence on libqtm-feedback-dev
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