- Fixed #16160: Call to undefined function ezi18n()
[tinyz:tinyz.git] / kernel / setup / steps / ezstep_email_settings.php
2010-02-18 André Rømcke- Fixed #16160: Call to undefined function ezi18n()
2010-02-15 André Rømcke- Fixed bug #16160: Call to undefined function ezi18n()
2010-02-08 Ole Marius Smestad- Updated: (C) year
2009-03-05 Ole Marius Smestad- Updated: Updated copyright to 2009
2008-12-30 Kristof Coomans- Fixed: several doxygen warnings about wrong and unspe...
2008-12-30 Kristof Coomans- Removed unknown \reimp Doxygen command
2008-10-28 Kristof Coomans- Removing includes that were put into comments
2008-06-03 Kristof Coomans- Implemented: license header update
2007-11-20 Valentin Doroschuk- Fixed issue #11295: eZ Publish brand name is still...
2007-11-09 Valentin Doroschuk- Updated ezp version in headers
2007-10-15 Ole Marius Smestad- Promoted eZ Publish 4.x (PHP 5) branch to trunk.
2007-09-28 Ole Marius Smestad- Added autoload functionality
2007-07-31 Kåre Køhler Høvik- Install wizard reference cleanup.
2007-03-30 Ole Marius Smestad- Adding community PHP 5 patch. Contributed by Kristof...
2006-12-20 Valentin Doroschuk- Updated software release version.
2006-10-18 Valentin Doroschuk- Configured trunk for the 3.9.0alpha1 subrelease.
2006-02-06 Dmitriy Lakhtyuk- Updated license info.
2006-01-20 Dmitriy Lakhtyuk- Updated headers to reflect the 2006 year.
2005-10-17 Dmitriy Lakhtyuk- Merged fixes from release/3.7.0
2005-06-01 Ruslan Lisnyk- Fixed bug #6459: kickstart, sendmail under Win.
2005-01-26 Jan Borsodi- Updated copyrights to include 2005.
2004-11-22 Jan Borsodi- Added Continue setting for all steps in kickstart...
2004-11-18 Jan Borsodi- Added support for kickstart functionality in the...
2004-07-27 Jan Borsodi- Fixed the licence header in PHP files, there was...
2004-07-06 Jan Borsodi- New update for PHP headers regarding the eZ publish...
2004-07-06 Jan Borsodi- Reverted the changes made in rev. 7044, 7045 and...
2004-07-06 Jan Borsodi- Updated PHP headers for all kernel files to use the new
2004-01-09 Jan Borsodi- Finished update of copyright to 2004 for trunk.
2003-09-12 Kåre Køhler Høvik- Merged removal of unused code from 3.2 stable branch
2003-09-01 Kåre Køhler Høvik- Merged in changes in setup from 3.2 stable branch
2003-08-19 Jan Borsodi- Added koi-r charset and the cp125* charsets to the...
2003-08-14 Kåre Køhler Høvik- Made new design, design/standard/images/setup