last changeThu, 15 Apr 2010 12:00:53 +0000 (12:00 +0000)
2010-04-15 ayer1for final board rev. master origin/HEAD origin/master
2010-03-31 ayer1new example app to show how to update application time...
2010-03-31 ayer1added command setCurrentTime to allow updates from...
2010-03-31 ayer1added new call setCurrentTime() to allow manual updating of
2010-03-19 ayer1added span platform for older versions of nesc not...
2010-03-17 ayer1commented out autozero, which is really only supposed...
2010-03-17 ayer1added hold to power-up of this board; programming does...
2010-03-16 ayer1wiring for new gyro board.
2010-03-15 ayer1blitzing calls to for span.
2010-03-15 ayer1first commit, original checkin was faulty?
2010-03-15 ayer1necessary target for build.
2010-03-12 ayer1failed to ifdef a reference to tty->ops in span_ap_open...
2010-03-11 ayer1interface for new gyro board and accompanying module...
2010-03-11 ayer1simple app to show easy way to set up and use new gyro...
2010-03-10 ayer1removed these in lieu of changeover to span*
2010-03-10 ayer1changes reflect change of access point module change...
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