Partial GIR support for Tinymail Camel
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2012-04-18 José Dapena PazStart work for Tinymail 2.0.
2010-03-22 Javier JardónUse accessor functions instead direct access
2010-01-05 Sergio Villar SeninRemoved several compilation warnings
2009-10-22 Sergio Villar SeninUse GtkBuilder instead deprecated libglade
2009-10-22 Sergio Villar SeninRemove gnome_vfs code from tinymail example code
2009-10-16 Jose Dapena PazFix "format not a string literal and no format argument...
2009-10-16 Jose Dapena PazUse single GTK and Glib includes (fixes GB#591065).
2009-07-27 Sergio Villar Senin2009-07-27 Javier Jardon <>
2009-05-08 Sergio Villar SeninSeveral fixes here and there
2008-10-26 Philip Van Hoof2008-10-24 Rob Taylor <>
2008-10-16 Philip Van Hoof2008-10-16 Philip Van Hoof <>
2008-10-09 Philip Van HoofApproved patches by Rob Taylor
2008-07-28 Jürg Billeter2008-07-28 Jürg Billeter <>
2008-06-05 Mark Doffman2008-06-05 Mark Doffman <>
2008-05-26 Philip Van Hoof * Fixed various copyright note issues
2008-05-12 Rob Taylor * Add --with-platform option 'none'.
2008-04-23 Philip Van HoofBugfix
2008-04-23 Jürg Billeter2008-04-23 Jürg Billeter <>
2008-04-22 Philip Van Hoof2008-04-22 Philip Van Hoof <>
2008-04-11 Philip Van Hoofcreate as async
2008-03-26 Jose Dapena Paz* Replace old tny_header_get_ api for strings with
2008-03-19 Philip Van HoofBugfix in case the two dirs are not on the same mountpoint
2008-03-19 Philip Van Hoof2008-03-19 Philip Van Hoof <>
2008-03-07 Jose Dapena Paz* tests/c-demo/tny-demoui-summary-view.c:
2008-03-07 Philip Van HoofAsync folder renames in the demoui
2008-02-18 Philip Van HoofSmall adaptations
2008-02-18 Philip Van Hoof2008-02-18 Philip Van Hoof <>
2008-02-16 Philip Van Hoof2008-02-16 Philip Van Hoof <>
2008-02-15 Philip Van HoofPreparations for next pre release
2008-02-10 Philip Van HoofNicer Exception handling for .NET
2008-02-10 Philip Van HoofImprovements for error reporting in .NET
2008-02-10 Philip Van HoofError reporting in the .NET binding
2008-02-08 Philip Van HoofError reporting
2008-02-07 Philip Van HoofMaking it all nicer
2008-02-07 Philip Van HoofNaming of platform specific types in .NET API
2008-02-07 Philip Van HoofSymbol lookup crash
2008-02-07 Philip Van HoofElse it crashes sometimes
2008-02-06 Philip Van Hoofgit-svn-id:
2008-02-05 Philip Van Hoof2008-02-05 Philip Van Hoof <>
2008-01-29 Philip Van HoofCode cleanup
2008-01-28 Philip Van Hoof2008-01-28 Philip Van Hoof <>
2008-01-20 Philip Van HoofBugfixes about error reporting
2008-01-16 Philip Van Hoofpreparations for pre release
2008-01-16 Jürg Billeter2008-01-16 Jürg Billeter <>
2007-12-23 Philip Van HoofRemoving queues and asyncworker
2007-12-23 Philip Van Hoof2007-12-22 Philip Van Hoof <>
2007-12-21 Philip Van HoofColumn width
2007-12-18 Philip Van Hoof2007-12-18 Philip Van Hoof <>
2007-12-15 Philip Van Hoof2007-12-15 Philip Van Hoof <>
2007-12-15 Philip Van HoofEncoding decoding fixes
2007-12-13 Philip Van HoofSVN ignores
2007-12-08 Jürg Billeter2007-12-08 Jürg Billeter <>
2007-12-08 Philip Van HoofUsing libtool
2007-12-08 Philip Van HoofUsing libtool
2007-12-05 Philip Van Hoof2007-12-05 Philip Van Hoof <>
2007-11-20 Philip Van Hoof * Completed the implementation of TnyMergeFolde...
2007-10-31 Philip Van Hoof2007-10-31 Philip Van Hoof <>
2007-10-24 Philip Van Hoof2007-10-24 Philip Van Hoof <>
2007-10-18 Philip Van Hoof * Implemented a small test that makes it possib...
2007-10-15 Jose Dapena Paz* Some fixes to mozembed build.
2007-10-11 Jose Dapena Paz* m4/moz.m4: add support for gtkmozembed library using...
2007-10-07 Philip Van Hoof * Changed the address of FSF in the copyright...
2007-10-04 Philip Van HoofPedantic warnings
2007-09-25 Mark DoffmanAdd python implementations for platform factory. Remove
2007-09-17 Philip Van Hoof2007-09-17 Philip Van Hoof <>
2007-09-13 Sergio Villar SeninUpdated to the latest Tinymail API
2007-09-04 Mark DoffmanModify the python-demo to account for changes in the...
2007-09-03 Philip Van Hoof* Date, Received, INTERNALDATE: fixes
2007-09-03 Philip Van Hoof* Date, Received, INTERNALDATE: fixes
2007-08-15 Philip Van HoofSome changes
2007-08-15 Philip Van HoofSituation simulation
2007-08-15 Philip Van HoofSituation simulation
2007-08-15 Philip Van HoofSituation simulation
2007-08-15 Philip Van HoofSituation simulation
2007-08-15 Philip Van Hoof2007-08-15 Philip Van Hoof <>
2007-08-15 Murray CummingFor this test, use a GTK label so we do not depend...
2007-08-14 Murray Cumming2007-08-14 Murray Cumming <>
2007-08-07 Philip Van HoofError reporting fixes
2007-08-06 Philip Van Hoofstyle fix in demoui
2007-08-06 Philip Van Hoof* Fixed a few locking problems with POP
2007-08-06 Philip Van Hoof2007-08-06 Philip Van Hoof <>
2007-07-31 Philip Van Hoof2007-07-31 Philip Van Hoof <>
2007-07-31 Philip Van Hoof2007-07-31 Philip Van Hoof <>
2007-07-25 Philip Van HoofSome reference counting problems when factoring folders
2007-07-12 Philip Van HoofAdded some docs
2007-07-12 Sergio Villar Senin * Added the "name" parameter to the constructor of...
2007-07-12 Philip Van HoofFixed the POP unread count problems
2007-07-10 Murray Cumming2007-07-10 Murray Cumming <>
2007-07-04 Philip Van HoofDealing with the first connection status
2007-06-29 Murray CummingMake this test more like real life.
2007-06-29 Philip Van HoofConnectivity bugfixes
2007-06-28 Philip Van HoofMultiple connecting and offline vs. online bugfixes
2007-06-28 Philip Van HoofFixing the connection-status-changed signal of TnyAccount
2007-06-28 Murray CummingChange the test case to demo a connect_and_wait() function.
2007-06-28 Murray Cumming2007-06-28 Murray Cumming <>
2007-06-28 Murray Cumming2007-06-28 Murray Cumming <>
2007-06-25 Philip Van HoofDeleting attachments from message cache
2007-06-20 Murray Cummingmoved test-conic.c to tests/, at request of Philip...
2007-06-18 Philip Van HoofSendQueue error reporting
2007-06-18 Philip Van HoofAPI changes in the error-happened signal