Fixed a memory leak when retrieving the BODYSTRUCTURE of a message
[tinymail:tinymail.git] / libtinymail-camel / camel-lite / camel / providers / imap / camel-imap-folder.c
2010-02-17 Sergio Villar SeninFixed a memory leak when retrieving the BODYSTRUCTURE...
2010-01-04 Sergio Villar SeninUnlink cache files when the fetching of a MIME part...
2010-01-04 Sergio Villar SeninProper part spec for top member of a bodystruct hierarchy
2010-01-04 Sergio Villar SeninBe careful to also fetch properly the first level text...
2009-12-16 Sergio Villar SeninSet the message cache to partial when retrieving BODYST...
2009-12-11 Jose Dapena PazOn parsing IMAP FETCH, if response size specifier is...
2009-10-16 Jose Dapena PazLots of build warning fixes (fixes GB#598601).
2009-10-14 Sergio Villar SeninFixes a memory leak in a CamelException
2009-08-03 Sergio Villar SeninFixes an small memory leak in IMAP code
2009-07-31 Jose Dapena PazProtect idle thread for the case store->idle_thread...
2009-07-27 Jose Dapena PazAvoid a crash iterating in imap summary if it's corrupted.
2009-04-24 Sergio Villar SeninPrevents an invalid dereference
2009-04-13 Sergio Villar SeninAdded an extra check to prevent an invalid dereference
2009-04-13 Sergio Villar SeninAdded an extra check to prevent an invalid dereference
2009-04-13 Sergio Villar SeninAdded an extra check to prevent a dereference
2008-11-21 Martin Bonninrevert last commit, we want this to be fixed a better way
2008-11-20 Martin Bonninadding camel_operation_mute/unmute() and use it to...
2008-11-20 Philip Van Hoof2008-11-20 Martin Bonnin <>
2008-11-19 Jose Dapena Paz* libtinymail-camel/camel-lite/camel/providers/imap...
2008-11-10 Jose Dapena PazComplete rework of the lock behavior of Tinymail (camel...
2008-11-10 Jose Dapena Paz* Specify with defines the IDLE tick time (time between...
2008-08-31 Rob TaylorFix some valgrind warnings in camel imap provider.
2008-07-16 Jose Dapena Paz* libtinymail-camel/camel-lite/camel/providers/imap...
2008-07-02 Jose Dapena Paz* libtinymail-camel/camel-lite/camel/providers/imap...
2008-06-25 Jose Dapena Paz* libtinymail-camel/camel-lite/camel/providers/imap...
2008-06-03 Jose Dapena Paz* libtinymail/tny-msg.[ch]:
2008-05-26 Philip Van Hoof2008-05-26 Philip Van Hoof <>
2008-05-21 Philip Van Hoof2008-05-21 Philip Van Hoof <>
2008-05-20 Philip Van Hoof2008-05-20 Philip Van Hoof <>
2008-05-20 Philip Van Hoof2008-05-20 Philip Van Hoof <>
2008-05-06 Jose Dapena Paz* libtinymail-camel/camel-lite/camel/providers/imap...
2008-04-15 Philip Van Hoof2008-04-15 Philip Van Hoof <>
2008-04-09 Philip Van HoofRevert 3556
2008-04-09 Philip Van HoofSmall improvement
2008-04-07 Philip Van HoofCopying into memory unneeded, added a comment
2008-04-03 Philip Van Hoof * Bugfix for ticket #76
2008-04-03 Philip Van Hoof2008-04-03 Philip Van Hoof <>
2008-03-27 Philip Van Hoof2008-03-27 Philip Van Hoof <>
2008-03-17 Sergio Villar Senin * Small memory leak, and proper error code
2008-03-17 Jose Dapena Paz* libtinymail-camel/camel-lite/camel/providers/imap...
2008-02-15 Philip Van Hoof2008-02-15 Philip Van Hoof <>
2008-02-09 Philip Van Hoof Has-attachment status detection improvement
2008-02-03 Philip Van HoofAdded some comments and extra checks
2008-02-03 Philip Van Hoof2008-02-03 Philip Van Hoof <>
2008-01-29 Sergio Villar Senin * Added a missing error code when the cache is not...
2008-01-27 Philip Van Hoof2008-01-27 Philip Van Hoof <>
2008-01-26 Philip Van Hoof2008-01-26 Philip Van Hoof <>
2008-01-26 Philip Van HoofBugfix
2008-01-26 Philip Van Hoof2008-01-26 Philip Van Hoof <>
2008-01-25 Philip Van Hoof2008-01-25 Philip Van Hoof <>
2008-01-22 Philip Van Hoof2008-01-22 Philip Van Hoof <>
2008-01-21 Dirk-Jan C. Binnema* fix freeing uninitialized var
2008-01-20 Philip Van HoofBugfixes about error reporting
2008-01-20 Philip Van Hoof2008-01-20 Philip Van Hoof <>
2008-01-19 Philip Van Hoof2008-01-19 Philip Van Hoof <>
2008-01-14 Philip Van HoofMore memory leak fixes
2008-01-14 Philip Van HoofMore memory leaks
2008-01-14 Philip Van Hoof2008-01-14 Philip Van Hoof <>
2008-01-12 Philip Van HoofSame for BINARY fetch
2008-01-12 Philip Van Hoof * Non existing UIDs when BODY.PEEK-ing
2008-01-11 Philip Van Hoof * Fixed compiler warnings
2007-12-21 Philip Van HoofSmall bugfix
2007-12-13 Philip Van Hoof * Added two connection strategies. One that...
2007-12-13 Philip Van HoofCrashfix
2007-12-07 Philip Van Hoof2007-12-07 Philip Van Hoof <>
2007-12-05 Philip Van Hoof2007-12-05 Philip Van Hoof <>
2007-11-30 Philip Van HoofCleaning the buffer
2007-11-21 Philip Van HoofAdded comment
2007-11-19 Philip Van Hoof2007-11-19 Philip Van Hoof <>
2007-11-15 Philip Van Hoof2007-11-15 Matthew Barnes <>
2007-11-06 Philip Van Hoof2007-11-06 Philip Van Hoof <>
2007-10-25 Philip Van Hoof * Freeing of recursive locks, especially the...
2007-10-24 Philip Van Hoof2007-10-24 Philip Van Hoof <>
2007-10-23 Philip Van HoofRollback
2007-10-23 Philip Van HoofBugfix 01
2007-10-23 Philip Van Hoof2007-10-23 Philip Van Hoof <>
2007-10-19 Philip Van Hoof * A fix for normal CONDSTORE
2007-10-19 Philip Van Hoof * Restarting IDLE when needed
2007-10-18 Philip Van HoofSlightly better bandwidth consumption
2007-10-18 Philip Van Hoof * Various memory problem fixes
2007-10-18 Philip Van Hoof * non-case sensitivity of IMAP responses
2007-10-18 Philip Van Hoof * Removed use of strcasestr, replaced with...
2007-10-18 Philip Van HoofSecurity fix
2007-10-18 Philip Van HoofDebug tool removal
2007-10-18 Philip Van HoofBugfix
2007-10-18 Philip Van Hoof * Implemented QRESYNC for IMAP4 servers that already...
2007-10-18 Philip Van Hoof * Unread count upon IDLE events
2007-10-07 Philip Van HoofMerged camel-lite with upstream Camel revision 8099
2007-10-04 Philip Van HoofPedantic warnings
2007-09-28 Philip Van Hoof2007-09-28 Philip Van Hoof <>
2007-09-26 Philip Van HoofFixed tny memory leak
2007-09-07 Philip Van HoofBugfix
2007-09-07 Philip Van Hoof2007-09-07 Philip Van Hoof <>
2007-09-06 Philip Van Hoof2007-09-06 Philip Van Hoof <>
2007-09-03 Philip Van Hoof* Date, Received, INTERNALDATE: fixes
2007-09-03 Philip Van Hoof* Date, Received, INTERNALDATE: fixes
2007-07-23 Jose Dapena Paz* libtinymail-camel/camel-lite/camel/providers/imap...
2007-07-02 Philip Van HoofUIDPLUS fallback
2007-07-02 Philip Van HoofTwo fallback situations
2007-06-29 Philip Van HoofFixing the strcasestr warning