last changeMon, 29 Apr 2013 12:26:54 +0000 (16:26 +0400)
2013-04-29 Nick SlobodskyChange descriptions, years in about box and tune Ubuntu... master
2013-04-28 Nick SlobodskyUpdate Russian translation to reflect the latest change...
2013-04-28 Nick SlobodskyChange menu for Maemo version.
2013-04-28 Nick SlobodskyAdd menu action to open application's site. Change...
2013-01-25 Nick SlobodskyFix declarative requirement on non-Harmattan systems...
2013-01-24 Nick SlobodskySource packages builder for Maemo.
2013-01-24 Nick SlobodskyTuned for building Ubuntu quantal images. Other version...
2013-01-22 Nick SlobodskyMove debian directory to maintainer subdir for isolated...
2012-12-14 Nick SlobodskyFirst (and ugly) mouse-oriented Quick Timer dialog
2012-12-14 nickBetter Quick Timer dialog for Maemo `with inhibit scree...
2012-12-12 nickFix wrong font scaling on startup.
2012-12-12 Nick SlobodskyAdd expert mode.
2012-12-12 Nick SlobodskyActivate appropriate buttons to take actions with a...
2012-12-11 Nick SlobodskyEnable/Disable (un)available menu items Start, Stop...
2012-12-11 Nick SlobodskyEnable screen blanking by the user in Maemo.
2012-12-07 nickSystemServices class for system abstraction. Stop inhib...
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