last changeThu, 9 Sep 2010 16:32:47 +0000 (18:32 +0200)
2010-09-09 Pascal Magesfixed problem with loosing backup because of rotation... master
2010-08-11 Pascal Magesadded tag
2010-08-11 Pascal Mageslittle beautification to prepare script for alpha release
2010-08-11 Pascal Magescommented out not yet working functions
2010-08-11 Pascal Magesadded check for last successful run of script, only...
2010-08-11 Pascal MagesPreparing for first release
2010-08-08 Pascal Magesinitial work for user visibility, not yet working
2010-08-08 Pascal Magesadded check for space use, no error handling implemente...
2010-08-08 Pascal MagesImplemented space checks, debug only
2010-08-05 Pascal Mageschanges in the document root
2010-08-05 Pascal Magesswitch to use id -un instead of whoami
2010-08-05 Pascal Magesimplemented permissions changes, still needs access...
2010-08-04 Pascal Magesimplemented error checking, script now returns error...
2010-08-04 Pascal MagesImplemented actual backup
2010-08-04 Pascal Magesimplemented checks for weekly and monthly backups
2010-08-04 Pascal Magesreally fixed root check
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