Reordering of typing judgements and semantics.
[tfp2010:tfp-paper.git] / type-system.lhs
2010-10-12 Joey CapperReordering of typing judgements and semantics.
2010-10-12 Joey CapperAlterations to semantics.
2010-10-12 Joey CapperMerge branch 'master' of
2010-10-12 Joey CapperMinor changes and tweaks to section 2 and 3.
2010-10-07 Joey CapperReworking of the beginning of section 3.
2010-10-06 Joey CapperFurther tweaks throughout paper.
2010-10-06 Joey CapperPrecondition for T-LET ammended. Corrected the indexing...
2010-10-06 Joey Capperm -> |z*| in T-SIGREL.
2010-10-06 Joey CapperI -> z* in T-SIGREL.
2010-10-06 Joey CapperAdded empty constraint set to T-ATOMIC.
2010-10-06 Joey CapperCorrections to T-VAR typing judgement. Judgement now...
2010-10-06 Joey CapperConstraint set unification -> union of constraint sets.
2010-10-06 Joey CapperIndexed -> Annotated.
2010-10-04 Joey CapperInitial commit. Import of .tex and .lhs files.