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2013-07-17 Joey CapperAdded some comments to help explain the code.
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2010-07-15 Joey CapperAdded missing files FourierMotzkin and RationalExtras.
2010-07-15 Joey CapperSlight changes to infer again.
2010-07-15 Joey CapperFurther minor additions to infer.
2010-07-15 Joey CapperSlight modification of inference.
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2010-07-14 Joey CapperRevert "Fixed the broken repo (excess files)."
2010-07-14 Joey CapperFixed the broken repo (excess files).
2010-07-14 Joey CapperAdded Haskell implementation.
2010-07-01 Joey CapperAdded an argument in favour of postulating the mgu.
2010-07-01 Joey CapperAdded README.
2010-07-01 Joey CapperInitial commit.
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