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2010-09-25 Siegfried-Angel... Fix typo. master
2010-09-25 Siegfried-Angel... samples/catalan: translate strings which were in Spanish
2010-01-23 César D. Rodas- Removed textcat_internal.h installation from
2010-01-22 César D. Rodas- Added missing code on the last commit v0.1.2-beta
2010-01-22 César D. Rodas- Improved the Callback support, added a fancy way...
2010-01-21 César D. Rodas- Improved the memory manager, added double linked...
2010-01-15 César D. Rodas- Fixed memory error on 64-bits machine, override basen...
2010-01-14 César D. Rodas- Fixed error on memory managment
2010-01-09 César D. Rodas- Improved Comments (deleted C++ styles //)
2010-01-06 César D. Rodas- Improved memory usage on textcat_copy_result() v0.1.1-beta
2010-01-04 César D. Rodas- Release v0.1-beta v0.1-beta
2010-01-03 César D. RodasMerge branch 'master' into remote
2010-01-03 César D. Rodas- Added extra parameter to callbacks (tc->param), usefu...
2010-01-02 César D. Rodas- Fixed little memory error.
2010-01-02 César D. RodasFixed some little warnings
2010-01-02 César D. RodasDeleted old file
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8 years ago v0.1-beta
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