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2015-01-12 Stefan PerssonFix for too small buffer counter master
2013-11-08 Stefan PerssonBumped version to 12
2013-11-08 Stefan PerssonRF-library updated
2013-04-24 Stefan PerssonUpdated subproject rf with different pulse intervals...
2013-04-24 Stefan PerssonUpdated subproject cmake with fixes for possibility...
2013-04-24 Stefan PerssonAdded definition needed to distinguish TellStick Duo...
2013-01-03 Micke PragAdd flasher tool for flashing TellStick (Duo) firmware
2012-11-16 Micke PragUpdate subproject rf
2012-11-16 Micke PragRemove CMakeLists.txt.user
2012-11-14 Micke PragInitial import
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